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Reduce risk and accelerate your path from market entry to revenue growth

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Enhance your business development capabilities in China. Reduce risk by developing a comprehensive growth strategy. Accelerate your business from market entry to revenue growth.

Entering China is a high risk, high reward undertaking. To clearly identify opportunities and build your China strategy to best position for sustainable growth, you need partners who understand this market to help you understand its unique characteristics.

IoT ONE provides you with the strategic commercial foundation to develop sustainable business in China. This foundation allows future channel partners to leverage on IoT ONE’s support functions to grow your business for you. 

Initial stages of research and market visits help to validate interest in China for your product, and prioritize activities for generating market awareness and improving market readiness.

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What can you do with IoT ONE China Market Entry Validation?

Market Assessment

Segment Prioritization

Local Market Strategy

Understand the fit between your product and China - value proposition, pricing, channels, maturity levels

Deep dive into each segment of the market to identify the most attractive segments

Develop a localization strategy to maximize revenue and bottom line growth, and guard against business risks

IoT ONE Solutions_China Market Entry Validation Methodology

IoT ONE's China Market Entry Validation Framework helps companies to assess product-market fit, prioritize customer segments, identify competitive risks, and develop a comprehensive growth strategy.

Discuss how to best position yourself in China for sustainable long term growth!

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