Collaborative Content Development Campaign

Co-create content with domain experts to increase your credibility and visibility

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Showcase your solutions and case studies. Position as an ecosystem leader. Build credibility of your key messages.

In a crowded IoT space, sticky marketing communications require trust and reach. By co-branding with industry experts, marketing messages become more credible, and the confidence of potential partners and customers increase. Co-branding also leverages a network of experts and thought leaders to amplify the reach of your message. 

IoT ONE brings a curated network of industry experts, academic leaders, and business leaders to craft campaigns to position your as an ecosystem leader and achieve brand marketing goals.

Sofia Zhang

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What can you do with Collaborative Content Development?

Brand Awareness

Enhance Credibility

Engaging Content

Showcase your solutions and case studies, and drive awareness of your key messages

Co-created articles and white papers positions your brand next to established thought leaders

Ramp up your content pipeline by engaging subject matter experts

IoT ONE Collaborative Co-branding Methodology

IoT ONE engages external domain experts to create co-authored thought leadership content that is published across the digital marketing channels of IoT ONE and co-authors to maximize campaign reach and establish credibility.

Structure a plan with our commercialization lead to discuss how to establish your brand as a thought leader

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