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Do you have a clear IoT adoption roadmap to maintain your competitiveness in the digital era?

Digitalization is intensifying competition by enabling companies to compete in areas outside of their core competencies. Information technology companies are seeking growth by expanding beyond the backoffice to provide solutions directly to operational departments. Meanwhile, industrial hardware vendors are developing software solutions in order to remain competitive as their core technlologies become commoditized. As the line blurs between the anolog and digital worlds, companies require an Internet of Things strategy to avoid threats and exploit emerging opportunities.

IoT ONE works with companies to plan technology adoption roadmaps and improve product and operational competitiveness. We begin by evaluating the threats and opportunities that are created by the digitalization of traditional industries. Our work is aided by proprietary databases tracking thousands of Industrial IoT companies and project case studies. We then work closely with our clients to plan initiatives that create near-term value while laying the foundation for future growth.  

We provide project-based and long-term advisory support:

  • IoT Transformation Advisory - Develop and sense-check your digitalization strategy.
  • Asia Digital Office - Access our knowledge, ecosystem and execution capabilities in Asia.

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Challenge the Status Quo

Assess where current assumptions are out of alignment with market reality and re-align business objectives.

Localize your product and operations strategy to compete successfully in Asia's rapidly growing markets.

Build an Execution Roadmap

Develop an execution roadmap to achieve value quickly while laying a foundation for long-term growth.

Localize Your Digital Strategy

Through our IoT Transformation Advisory service, we provide objective third-party input during digital strategy development to accelerate the path from ideation to execution in Asia.

The Internet of Things increasingly impacts product competitiveness, operational efficiency, and business model evolution. However, few multinational companies have sufficient know-how in Asia to plan effective digitalization strategies. As a result, companies typically walk one of two paths. Either they attempt to copy-paste strategies from headquarters that were designed for fundamentally different markets. Or they proceed with business as usual. It is no surprise that local competitors are taking market share in many industries.

IoT ONE works between headquarters and local management to develop practical strategies suited for Asian markets. Common questions that we help companies address include:

  • How does technology adoption in Asian markets different from adoption in our home market?  
  • Which new business models are being developed that could disrupt our industry or a customer industry? 
  • How is digitalization impacting aftermarket and service businesses in customer industries?
  • Which countries are best situated for initial testing of new solutions and business models? 

IoT ONE Transformation Advisory Framework

Our methodology includes top-down and bottom-up analysis to generate a complete view of the problem scope.

Engaging IoT ONE as their Asia Digital Office allows companies to rapidly upgrade their digital strategy and execution capabilities in Asia without adding headcount.

In past decades, multinationals thrived in Asian markets due to their maturity and technical superiority. The competence gap has since shrunk. Today local competitors have the technology and volume to compete in many markets. They also have one key advantage - speed. 

Tomorrow's market leaders will be agile and fast. When value creation was driven by hardware, it was good to be slow but steady. Products had long development times and product life cycles. Once products were launched, it was expensive and challenging to modify them. When value creation is driven by software, development times shrink from years to months. More importantly, software can be updated regularly, in real time, without disrupting operations. In this era of data-driven value creation, speed wins. 

As your Asia digital office, IoT ONE provides strategic and execution support on an annual retainer basis. We enable speed. You will have access to the full access to our internal and external resources to provide flexible project management capacity, deep domain insight, and an ecosystem of domain experts and technology providers. 

IoT ONE Asia Digital Office Collaboration Model

How can we help you take the offensive in an era of digital disruption?

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