Technology Partner Scouting

Identify domain experts to support idea generation and project execution

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Build your partner ecosystem. Access deep domain expertise. Leverage external partners for agile solution development.

Digitalization is forcing companies to compete in areas outside of their core competencies. Partnerships can radically improve the cost effectiveness and time to market of your digital innovation efforts. 

IoT ONE helps companies to identify, prioritize, and collaborate with startups, domain experts, or mature technology leaders with complementary technologies, expertise and market insight. 

We identify partners according to your business goals and processes. Partner searches can range from a 'mile high' view of a specific market landscape to curated meetings with several potential partners following rigorous prioritization. In all cases, our objective is to provide the right level of information and engagement to enable you to move forward confidently.

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What can you do with IoT ONE Technology Partner Scouting?

High Idea Volume

Low Cost of Failure

New Markets & Channels

Collaboration with startups can be effective for early identification of new technological trends and disruptive business models

Partnering distributes costs and leverages on a network of perspectives and capabilities, lowering the cost of failure for each individual partner

Building strategic partnerships with established technology leaders can accelerate the development of new markets and solutions

IoT ONE Partner Scouting Methodology

In order to digitalize, you must collaborate. Technology partner scouting can focus on engaging market leaders, innovative startups, or independent domain experts with complementary technologies, expertise, and market insight.

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