Do customers actively search for you?

Brand awareness takes time. We accelerate your success by featuring Verified Vendors higher in search results. Your profiles will all receive a 100% boost in our search algorithm, making them significantly more likely to show up on the first page of searches. 




• Google searches fail because decision makers do not know what to search for.

• Banner advertisements fail to effectively communicate the value of innovative solutions. 

• Traditional sales channels fail to identify the right decision makers due to the IT-OT convergence.

Is your brand known universally?

No? We can help with that. Our 3rd party validation badge provides the credibility you need to grow in new markets. 

Do bottlenecks slow you marketing and sales efforts? 

Take control of your content. In real time. With no IT bottleneck. And 1 master link to share all of your solutions.

What is the value of a new customer or channel partner?

With your Verified Profile you will receive notification of all case study downloads and RFIs within 24 hours. Contact information is provided for all leads to enable follow-up by your sales and partnership teams.

Are your success cases visible?

Case studies are compelling lead generation material, but only if they are seen. Our algorithm will feature your solutions for target customers across multiple pages through the "Related" ad panels.


Your potential customers and channel partners struggle to find, assess and prioritize the right solutions and partners in the crowded and evolving Industrial IoT markets.


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Don't want to invest initially? No problem!

Verified profiles now provide Pay-Per-Use facility, in which you will be charged monthly on the basis of number of clicks and downloads of your content. You can keep a track of activities through our RFI report.

End users, SIs, ISVs, and OEMs use IoT ONE to identify Industrial IoT vendors and partners.

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