Barcelona's Data Visualization Platform

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Barcelona's Data Visualization Platform
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Barcelona city was receiving large amounts of data vertically organized, unable to effectively manage and visualize them in real time on one screen. Barcelona sought an innovative way of managing their assets and resources, along with improving their processes.

Data coming from street lighting, traffic, blue zone free parking spots, waste disposal and trucks, acoustic and atmospheric contamination, irrigation system, electric supply stations sensors and actuators.

Barcelona City Council responds to 5.515 million inhabitants (2018), and is the top-tier administrative and governing body of the municipality of Barcelona (Spain).

Sentilo (the origin of Thingtia) as an open source platform that integrates all data coming vertically in real-time. It receives, treats, shows and stores sensor data from several manufacturers homogeneously, allowing for better decision-making in a big data structure.

Mature (technology has been on the market for > 5 years)

Coherence and visual information: A powerful large data visualization platform communicating information faster and more coherently, than individual traditional reports. The platform currently processes 1Billion+ transactions, distributes 3M+ data per day from 10k sensors, and has scalability capabilities.

Faster action and decision-making process: Thanks to the real-time alerts coming from Sentilo platform (later, called Thingtia) the stakeholders are able to react quicker to emerging situations, and to apply new processes that would not have been possible before.

Boost productivity and results: The platform made the parties involved understand and have a current picture of global assets, as well as uncover hidden information and ultimately drive operations more efficiently.


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