Collaborative Transformation of Enterprises with IBM Connections


Collaborative Transformation of Enterprises with IBM Connections

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Establish an efficient system of knowledge management and optimize business processes.

Thanks to the longstanding collaboration of Object Information Systems Ltd. and APIS IT Ltd., the idea of introducing a social business solution to latter company has arisen. From the very beginning of the project, they have participated in each phase of the Project Knowledge Management.

User's request was to choose a technology platform that fully corresponds to the business case scenarios for complete knowledge management.

In addition, functional and non-functional requirements that selected technology platform must meet were stated.

Based on the above, multiple platforms were tested and IBM Connections was chosen as the best solution. It was also the only solution that met all of the company's  functional and non-functional requirements.

During the project, to better integrate the system to the environment, additional adjustments and upgrades were carried out on the Connections system.

IBM Connections technology platform comprises IBM 'best-of-breed' components in a package form (i.e. unique product). Connections represent the integration of social network functionality for business, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system for advanced work with documents and sets of tools (i.e. widgets) to support team work with projects.

A unique solution that has a structured collection, storage and reuse of knowledge, information and documents, improved internal and external collaboration, rapid decision-making processes, improved task and business processes management with the aim of improving the quality of products and services while reducing production costs.

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