Connecting the EY Building


Connecting the EY Building
Connecting the EY Building
Connecting the EY Building
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- Multiple A/C systems to be monitored through single central monitoring system. - Monitor Status of UPS, generator and switch gear status. Both digital and analog signals. - Monitor building for low voltage conditions and power usage. - Monitor for water leak detections. - Monitor the actual operation of HVAC units to include compressor amperages, refrigerant pressures, fan and filter status. - Implement open protocol Building Automation System for future multi-vendor expansion. - Monitoring and alarming of Space Temperature within a prescribed limits. The Ernst & Young's primary concern was a power loss and high space temperatures in the both the data center and LAN rooms. The UPS or generator would start and all A/C units would cycle on and off with no delay and this would put a drain on the power supply. E&Y sought to implement an integrated system that would not only effectively monitor, but also time out and stage the A/C system restart. They were also looking for a system that allowed for future expansion of the remote alarm monitoring.

Ernst & Young located within the New York Metropolitan area. There are two building we are concerned with one has a data center, command center and various LAN rooms. The other consists of LAN rooms.

Implementation of Circon’s Integrated Building Automation System provides integrated monitoring of HVAC. Front-end workstation programmed with Visual Integrator provides centralized management to monitor and alarms. LonWorks based technology provides a solid platform for future expansion. Alarms monitoring and remote access though the SMC’s. Install Circon controllers in each HVAC unit, UPS, switchgear, and generator unit with both puck & rope type leak detection below raised floors. Each HVAC system has included in it sensors for space temperature, high and low refrigerant pressures, compressor amperages, fan status, filter status, common trouble and water detection. All generator controllers monitor status and run time, all UPS controllers monitor status and battery condition. All switch gear controllers monitor switch position and incoming voltage. HVAC alarms are set up to dial out to a chosen mechanical contractor with 24-hour service and Enertech’s Command Center. All alarms are also routed directly to E&Y command center though the Lon Network. The dial out and remote dial in access gives redundancy to the system. All Controllers and SMC have their own backup UPS device to insure alarm routing incase of power failure. Develop a program to time delay all data HVAC equipment off and pack on when ever power is interrupted to the center. Monitor pump status with automatic lead/lag and emergency switch over.

Mature (technology has been on the market for > 5 years)
Easy to acquire information and make actionable decisions
Reduce waste, increase efficiency of HVAC and other systems
Less wasted energy mitigates environmental damage

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