Microgrid Technology for more Efficient Ships


Microgrid Technology for more Efficient Ships

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Due to power distribution challenges, builders of next-generation ships need to find new innovative solutions to manage the power on board in the best way possible.

Clients in the shipping industry.

ABB’s all-in-one protection and control solution does this by embedding all the software and intelligence inside a smart circuit breaker known as the Emax 2 low-voltage circuit breaker that is designed for marine applications.

Cutting Edge (technology has been on the market for < 2 years)
The solution will help ships attain better energy efficiency and work towards achieving the International Marine Organization's goal to reduce CO2 emissions by 5 times in 30 years. The solution will also allow for power profile optimization thanks to intelligent peak shaving and load shifting capabilities.
The Emax 2 will also help ships achieve continuous operation that can potentially save them on average up to 12 million dollars a year. This is achieved by employing a unique “digital zone selectivity” function that correctly identifies the fault zone faster and cuts its power supply earlier.

Switchgear optimization will reduce weight and space requirements by up to 25% which is crucial in the ship building industry.

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