Powering Smart Home Automation solutions with IoT for Energy conservation


Powering Smart Home Automation solutions with IoT for Energy conservation

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Many industry leaders that offer Smart Energy Management products & solutions face challenges including:

  1. How to build a scalable platform that can automatically scale-up to on-board ‘n’ number of Smart home devices
  2. Data security, solution availability, and reliability are the other critical factors to deal with
  3. How to create a robust common IoT platform that handles any kind of smart devices
  4. How to enable data management capabilities that would help in intelligent decision-making

A world-class technology company that offers Smart Home automation & Energy Management solutions to distributors, home builders, and end-consumers.

Our expertise in developing IoT solutions for OEMs has helped build a high-end Internet of Things solution. We divided the industry challenges into two:

establishing a two-way communication between Cloud and IoT based Smart Home devices; and devising a centralized cloud data storage for real-time data ingestion to enable analytics & data visualization. Our team of IoT consultants have devised this robust cloud-enabled high-end architecture using Azure IoT platform. This IoT solution holds capabilities to scale hundreds to millions of any kind of smart home devices and handles to analyze billions of data records for efficient energy management and intelligent decision-making to conserve Energy at Smart Homes.

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Emerging (technology has been on the market for > 2 years)
Robust data management system using Azure Table Storage and SQL based data ingestion to store, handle, process, and analyze energy consumption data from multiple connected Smart Home Devices and customer data.
Energy management and scheduling provision through Web portal powered by Azure Web Apps Service. It also helps in data visualization and to execute control panel functionalities.
Common backend IoT platform that supports any kind of smart Home device. Just connect the smart device to the platform for smart energy management and take better decisions to conserve energy.

Quick on-boarding of new devices with solution Uptime of 99.95% SLA and through multiple Azure services utilized to provide high-availability, auto-scalability, and auto-provisioning.

Bi-directional communication set-up between Smart Home devices and Cloud has been established using Azure IoT Hub and Web Apps

Cost-effective IoT solution eliminating hosting and administration charges


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