Secure Email Signature Management

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Secure Email Signature Management

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Every day enterprises send out thousands of emails but can struggle to maintain visual and legal consistency in email signatures and many don't seize the opportunity to include marketing campaigns in company email signatures. With a rapidly accelerating number of emails being sent from mobile devices and websites, email signature management has entered a new level of complexity and is now also a matter of enterprise security on emails.

Templafy is the true enterprise solution for streamlined business document creation, email signature governance and template management. Templafy integrates across Microsoft Office and Office 365 to bring custom company templates, brand assets and best practice content close to employees to streamline workflows and keep every business communication on-brand. Available on any device and scalable for multi-national, multi-language and multibrand organizations using Microsoft products.

Templafy’s Email Signature Manager hosted on Microsoft Azure empowers large organizations with enterprise-wide governance and streamlined productivity across a multitude of users, business units, locations, and languages.

Templafy leverages the secure Microsoft Azure platform for authentication, automatic insertion of individual user data in emails signatures and – unlike any competitor – keeps the process of adding emails signatures to emails sent from mobile devices and Outlook Web App, inside the company’s own Azure tenant. With Templafy's Email Signature Manager and Microsoft Azure, company emails will never have to travel past a third party email signature provider with the risk of hostile interception.

This solution requires very little configuration. Within 48 hours, enterprise can have their unique tenant running on the service with their bespoke email signature designs, with SSO setup in place and Azure Active Directory integration fully running.

Emerging (technology has been on the market for > 2 years)
Automation and maximum security leveraging Microsoft Azure for personal email signature data and in-house addition of email signatures on mobile devices and web.

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