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Do you have the right organization in place to plan and execute your digital strategy in Asia?

A strategy is only as good as the organization that executes it. Ideating, building, and deploying IoT solutions requires capabilities spanning multiple disciplines. Many multinational companies operating in Asia have built competent sales and operations organizations. However, few have developed the competencies required to innovate for local markets and digitalize their local operations. 

IoT ONE helps companies develop efficient and agile organizations capable of executing digital strategies in Asia. In most cases it is not necessary to assume the cost and risk of hiring a large team. We focus on assessment, training, restructuring, partnership development, and selective hiring to develop the right mix of internal and external resources.

We support organization development in four ways:

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Identify Gaps & Opportunities

Objectively assess your capabilities and prioritize initiatives to upgrade your internal and external resources.

Upgrade Digital Competencies

Cultivate a "Digital Kaizen" mindset across your organization and back it up by training practical capabilities. 

Design an Agile Organization

Build an agile organization capable of responding quickly to unforeseen threats and opportunities.

IoT Readiness Assessments are interactive half-day or full-day discussions with the objective of evaluating IoT readiness gaps across functions and prioritizing improvement initiatives

Improvement Initiative Prioritization

Benjamin Franklin said, “Investment in knowledge pays the best interest." This was true in 1750 and it remains true today. Ignorance is expensive. Obtaining an objective assessment of your operational strengths and weaknesses is the first step towards developing an effective execution organization. Interactive workshops facilitate discussions to determine readiness gaps in the strategy, processes, and people of each business unit or department. We then work with management to identify and prioritze areas for near and long-term improvement. 

Assessment Framework

IoT Adoption Trainings are tailored to help your organization drive ideation, upgrade know-how, and kick-off initiatives. Workshops typically last between a half day and two days.

We are firm believers in the value of bottom-up ideation. Frontline employees and middle management feel the pain of inefficient processes and unsatisfied customers most intently. They are thus best positioned to bring improvement ideas to the table. However, in order to suggest meaningful improvements, they must first have a working understanding of what is possible with digital technologies. 

Industrial IoT Adoption Workshops are structured to accelerate digitalization in your organization, regardless of where you are in the process. Workshop modules range from informative introduction sessions to practical toolkits for assessing and planning solutions. Focus is placed on practice and reflection, with the intent to rapidly follow workshop discussions with real action to improve your business.

Workshop Content Breakdown

Workshop Modules & Toolkit Examples

Ecosystem Development enables you to focus on your core competencies while partnering with external technical expertise and execution capabilities to respond quickly to opportunities and threats.

As markets become increasingly complex, no single company would be able to amass all the capabilities and resources needed to compete effectively; there are few IoT solutions that are ideated, built, and brought to market by one company alone. Hence, it is crucial to build an ecosystem to access external expertise and capabilities to maintain competitiveness. 

An ecosystem approach decreases cost and time to market so that you can become more agile. It also allows you to keep your fingers on the pulse of the market by drawing on this network. A network of partners also provides a sustainable and robust pipeline of ideas and builds a culture of innovation that transcends organizational silos. Think of the world as your innovation lab, and not your innovation lab as the world.

Ecosystem Building Framework

Organization Development is necessary to transform traditional organizations into organizations that are capable of developing and executing agile digitalization strategies in Asia.

The first question to answer is, "Will your existing organization continue to deliver the business results your expect in Asia?" If the answer is "Yes", there may be no need to devote resources towards re-designing your organization. However, if there is reason to believe that your existing organization will be unable to compete with more agile and innovative players, is in necessary to evaluate the status quo. 

We typically see two potential weaknesses among multinational companies in China. First, they rely on headquarters for strategic direction. This slows decision making and limits the ability for local market insight to influence strategy. And second, they import older generation technology. This worked when Asian competitors were technically weak and when customers were easily satisfied. Today local competitors are increasingly bringing high quality solutions to market that are precisely tuned to local requirements.

IoT ONE works with clients to develop capability-building roadmaps. We start with developing a vision of your execution organization. We then assess which gaps should be closed with internal or external resources. Finally, we work with you to upgrade your resources, whether it involves training, hiring, or partnership development. 

Illustrative Agile Innovation Organization Design

Assessment & Recruiting Frameworks

How can we help you build an organization capable of executing your digitalization strategy?

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