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Global Innovators Summit Global Innovators Summit
Kevin Richard
Dec 11, 2019   -   Dec 12, 2019
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Global Innovators Summit welcomes Innovators around the globe irrespective of their professional fields. It is going to be one of the biggest conferences by involving individuals who discovered something new in their respective field. Modes of participation in Global Innovators Summit are as followsKeynote Speaker | Speaker | Delegate | Exhibitor | Workshop Organizer | Sponsor | Young Researcher Forum | Video Presenter | Poster Presenter.Sessions:BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENTArt of Growth: The prominent names in tech will take the stage to share their visions for the future. We invites influential speakers in the industry to share their story. Don’t miss the inspiring talks of the Speakers shaping the future of tech.Shark Tank Competition: Have a game-changing idea? We are super excited to inform you that we will be having the Shark Tank Session. Competition is open to students, researchers, post-docs, and faculties. You really do not need to have a company yet to compete with others.Global Business-Developers Meet: Networking refers as a socioeconomic business activity through which business developers meet to form business relationships and to recognize, create, or act upon business opportunities, share information and seek potential partners for ventures.Expo- The Innovations Festival: This prestigious session involves various reputed companies to exhibit their products.E-Business:  Electronic business is the way of conducting business processes on the internet. This e-business will include buying and selling goods, supplies and services; servicing customers; processing payments; managing production control, collaborating with business partners. Insights of Successful Partnership:  In the World market, we witness a huge shift happening that is dragging experience toward the origin of the marketing ecosystem; that’s exciting for us. Brands are curious to tackle fresh new ideas from strategic marketing partners who come to the table with creativity and flexibility in mind. Block Chain: Session will be focusing on the industries  impacted by blockchain technology, join progressive professionals, leading speakers, global companies and innovative tech start-ups and gain the knowledge, skills and connections to unlock the potential of Blockchain TechnologyBusiness mobile applications: Mobile phones making everything done on fingertips including business. This Session dedicated to various business organizations and Innovators to deliver their talk about their innovative application and to reach their target audience. TECHNOLOGYArtificial Intelligence and Robotics: The historical backdrop of man-made brainpower (AI) goes back to the artifact – smart robots show up in the myths of numerous old social orders, including Greek, Arabic, Egyptian and Chinese. Today, the field of man-made brainpower is more vibrant than any time in recent memory and some trust that we're on the edge of revelations that could change human culture.Automation: Automation covers applications ranges from a thermostat controlling a boiler to an industrial control systems consists of thousands of input measurements along with output signals. In control complexity, it will range from simple on-off control to multi-variable high-level algorithms.Big Data: It is a term that describes the large volume of data – both structured and unstructured – that inundates a business on a day-to-day basis. But it’s not the amount of data that’s important. It’s what organizations do with the data that matters.Data Mining: It refers to the process of discovering patterns in large data sets involving technique at the intersection of machine learning, statistics, and database systems. Data Mining is subfield of computer engineering and  statistics with a goal to extract information  from a data set and transform the information into a comprehensible structure for further use.GIS and Satellite: GIS industry has been witness to some remarkable breakthroughs in terms of technological applications. Gone are the days of traditional 2D maps. Today, GIS draws maximum Profits from more realistic 3D maps. This has improved the scope of analysis, be it indoor or outdoor. This Technique is being used in town planning to provide a bird’s eye view of the proposed development.Computer Science and Applications: These innovations are the technologies that Computer Engineers had their hand in developing. This session will be involving the Computer Engineers' Contributions.IOT and Information Technology:  The internet of things is a system computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, Things, animals or people that are provided with (UIDs) and the ability to share data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. The form of information technology  is different from what it was in the 1990s. The plan of business has prevailed for centuries. The last 2 decades have absolutely changed the “ways” of doing business, many times over.Gadgets/Electronics: This Session Involves individuals who come up with his latest gadgets which can be quite useful or important in the coming days. ENGINEERINGAviation and Space Technology:  Space is such a novel environment that attempting to work in it requires techniques and new tools. Innovation in space technology  will surely bring out good information which is remained unknown up to now. Aviation  may refer to flying using an aircraft, like an airplane. It also describes the activities and industries related to flight, such as air traffic control. The biggest of the many uses of aviation are in air travel and military aircraft.Laser Technology: The field of laser technology is in a state of further development: The major applications of lasers, such as in industrial production processes and tools for material processing through, cutting or e welding, are plentiful. The industries where they are used are just as plentiful: Mechanical engineering, toolmaking, energy, and medical engineering or science and research are just a few examples. And this enhancement is still rising as innovation promotes growth and development.Engineering and Energy: Innovation refers to both radical and incremental changes to products, processes or services. The often aim of innovation is to solve a problem. Innovation is a vital topic in the study of economics, business, technology, sociology, and engineering. The energy industry must evolve if it's to fulfill the dual challenges of rising energy demand and reducing emissions. While renewable energies square measure developing apace, it's probably to require decades to remodel the world’s energy systems from standard to renewable power generation. To balance the priorities of energy security and lower emissions, the worldwide power-generating Industry must embrace--and invest more--in technological innovation.Design and Production: Design Innovation is not about coming up with new ideas and products. It’s about changes that lead to growth and differentiation. it’s additionally about changes that result in growth and differentiation. Before you address new product, services, technologies, and processes, you wish a foundation that results in innovation. Innovation in manufacturing can take numerous forms, from product to process developments. Innovation offers many vital benefits to businesses and is often key to outperforming the competition.Material science and Metallurgy: Materials science is an interdisciplinary branch concerned with the understanding and applying the properties of matter. Materials scientists research about the connections between the underlying structure of a material, its properties, its processing techniques and its behavior in applications.  Metallurgy is a field that deals with the study of the physical and chemical behavior of metals and their alloys. The producing of metal will involve the processing of Ores to extract the metal they contain. To obtain the exact metal we need Mining and Metallurgy.Nanotechnology and Applications: Nanotechnology is known for having the potential to rocket up the efficiency of energy consumption, help us to clean the environment, and solve health problems. It is to be able to greatly increase manufacturing production at reduced costs. Products of nanotechnology will be smaller, low cost, lighter but more functional and require negligible energy and fewer raw materials to manufacture, claim nanotech advocates.Ocean Engineering and petroleum: It’s a multidisciplinary engineering branch aimed at solving engineering issues which are related to the ocean, where engineers aid oceanographers wisely explore the many vast oceans. They design and build structures, equipment and instruments that help advance marine science. Petroleum engineers help find gas and oil for the nation’s energy needs. Petroleum engineers fabricate and develop techniques for extracting gas and oil from deposits below the Earth's surface. Petroleum engineers also come up with new ways to extract oil and gas from older wells.Food Technology and Production: Modern nutritional science provides a lot of information on the functions and mechanisms of food elements in health promotion and/or disease prevention. In response to demands from progressively health aware customers, the world trend is for food industries to translate nutritionary data into Consumer reality by developing food product that give not solely superior sensory charm however additionally nutritionary and health advantages. Science and ResearchPhysics and Applications: Physics is at the heart of innovations all around us. From sat-navs to laptops and mobiles, it’s in your home, in your car and in your office. Physics aids you get more work done relative than conventional methods gets you where you’re going, and keeps you safe. It underpins the periodic growth that will secure our economic future.Chemistry: The timeline of chemistry lists necessary works, discoveries, ideas, inventions, and experiments that considerably modified humanity's understanding of the Modern science called Chemistry, outlined because the scientific study of the composition of matter and of its interactions. Biomedical and Bioengineering: Biomedical science deals with the functioning of cells, organs and system in human body with a disease for understanding the knowledge and treatment of human diseases. Biomedical research is a wide arrangement or research extending from basic research (include fundamental scientific principles that applies to preclinical research) to clinical research. Biomedical science traditionally grouped with specialism into three divisions; Life science, Physiological science, Medicalphysics or bioengineeringBiotechnology, Pharmaceutical, and Bioinformatics: Biotechnology makes use of biology to solve problems and make useful products out of raw materials. A prominent area of biotechnology is the production of therapeutic proteins and drugs through genetic engineering. The Pharmaceutical Industry is changing in day today life. There are many new trends who were created in the Pharmaceutical. Innovations in these fields will definitely be going to make huge differences. Bioinformatics is a growing interdisciplinary technological field in which computing and software resources are applied to biological data and solve biological problems.

Dec 11, 2019   -   Dec 12, 2019
Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, CA
The Industrial Internet Consortium® (IIC™), now incorporating OpenFog, today announced it will host the Open Edge Symposium™ 2019 from December 11-12, 2019 at the Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, CA. Formerly Fog World Congress™, the conference brings together industry leaders, technologists and researchers from around the world and is designed to advance the potential of intelligent edge solutions for the IoT.
The 7th Shanghai international Internet of things Exhibition2019 The 7th Shanghai international Internet of things Exhibition2019
Dec 17, 2019   -   Dec 19, 2019
Poly World Trade Center Exhibition Hall, 1000 Xingang E Rd, Haizhu, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, 510315
IoT World China IoT World China
Informa PLC
Dec 19, 2019   -   Dec 21, 2019
ShenZhen Convention & Exhibition Center, China

Jan 02, 2020   -   Jan 03, 2020
Village Hotel Changi, 1 Netheravon Rd, Singapore 508502
Welcome to the Official Website of the International Conference on Robotics and Smart Manufacturing - ICROSMA 2020. It will be held during 2nd-3rd January, 2020 at Singapore . ICROSMA 2020 is being organized by Researchfora. The aim of the conference is to provide the platform for Students, Researchers and Academicians to share the knowledge and ideas in the recent trends in the field of Robotics and Smart Manufacturing.

Jan 07, 2020   -   Jan 08, 2020
Holiday Inn Express Edinburgh City Centre, Picardy Place, Edinburgh EH1 3JT, United Kingdom
the International Conference on Robotics and Smart Manufacturing - ICROSMA 2020 will be held during 7th-8th January, 2020 at Edinburgh , United Kingdom . ICROSMA 2020 is being organized by Researchfora. The aim of the conference is to provide the platform for Students, Researchers and Academicians to share the knowledge and ideas in the recent trends in the field of Robotics and Smart Manufacturing.
Beyond IoT 2020 Beyond IoT 2020
Nimbus Research Centre
Jan 20, 2020   -   Jan 21, 2020
Cork Institute of Technology
Cork Institute of Technology’s Nimbus Research Centre, presents “BeyondIoT”, the rapidly growing global tech Conference, for its third successive year.  This event will take place on Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st January in CIT.  Due to the success of this event over the past 3 years, Beyond IoT will now extend into a two-day event which will be held on the Cork Institute of Technology campus, in order to meet ticket demand as well as highlighting the importance of Technology Research and it’s ever expanding reach into business, social, community and academic worlds.  Nimbus Research Centre has combined forces with angel investor Brandon Donnelly, to deliver a globally recognised conference surrounding Visionary and Deep Technology. Due to the impact of BeyondIoT over the past 2 years, Nimbus Research Centre will deliver an even bigger and better event in 2020.  With two separate stages on Day One, BeyondIoT is designed to bring top tier entrepreneurs and strategic thinkers from across the globe to share their views on emerging technology trends, opportunities and threats.   Over the past two years, the conference has attracted many internationally renowned speakers and 2020 will be no different, with award winning international keynote speaker, tech author and influencer Sally Eaves, taking centre stage as Event MC. The impressive line-up also includes Lauren Knausenberger, U.S. Airforce, Andrew MacAdam, Microsoft, Gillian Bergin of it@cork, Dave Troy, 410 Labs as well as the hugely popular return of John Biggs, News Editor of CoinDesk plus many more. Attendees will include researchers, investors, entrepreneurs, academics, start-ups, business owners and C-level executives from large multinationals.  The theme for day 2 primarily focuses on Start-Ups on the theme of ‘Creating your new Technology’. Workshops and Clinics will be held and presented by the Nimbus team along with international technology/commercialisation experts, to help guide you on your technology voyage of discovery, for new or established companies. Clinics will provide a unique opportunity to get expert advice from field experts in technology, investment, funding avenues, entrepreneurship and academic research. These sessions will provide invaluable advice and guidance on how attendees can facilitate investment, drive technology innovation, create collaborations, and foster new commercial relationships.  
The Oil and Gas IoT Summit The Oil and Gas IoT Summit
Intrinsic Communications
Jan 22, 2020   -   Jan 23, 2020
Grand Altis Hotel, Lisbon
Returning to Lisbon The Oil and Gas IoT Summit 2020 brings together a select community of senior executive from worldwide operators, EPCs, regulators, technology providers, and all other major stakeholders to share their insights on capitalising on IIoT and spearheading the Oil and Gas industry back into optimal business growth.Take a closer look at the business drivers powering this digital sea change. Discover emerging trends, benefit from strategic insights into new change management methodologies, hear IoT success stories and, make powerful new industry connections at the Oil and Gas IoT Summit 2020.Critical areas of discussion:Fundamental strategy considerations: Focusing on the 'what' not the 'how'Think big. Start small. Playing the IoT long game.The impact of digitalisation on current business modelsImplementation + Education: The human IoT journeyEco-systems and legacy systemsThe strategic value of emerging technologies£100 discount with booking code MAR - end user delegates onlyREGISTER HERE
The IOT & Industry 4.0 Expo The IOT & Industry 4.0 Expo
Jan 29, 2020   -   Jan 30, 2020
Citywest Exhibition Centre, Garters Ln, Saggart, Co. Dublin, D24 KF8A, Ireland
The IOT and Industry 4.0 Expo is being held on 29-30 January 2020 in the Citywest Exhibition Centre.This gathering of over 1000 senior management from sectors such as energy & infrastructure, manufacturing, retail, automotive, healthcare, smart buildings, transport will offer a unique opportunity to meet with suppliers and keep up-to-date with the latest industry innovations, best practice and new technology solutions in IOT and Industry 4.0
Japan IT Week Japan IT Week
Reed Exhibition Japan
Jan 29, 2020   -   Jan 31, 2020
INTEX Osaka, Japan
Japan IT Week Osaka is Western Japan's largest IT trade show covering a wide range of IT fields with eight specialised exhibitions: Embedded Systems Expo, IoT/M2M Expo, Information Security Expo, Cloud Computing Expo Japan, Mobile Solutions Expo, Store & Retail IT Solutions Expo, Web & Digital Marketing Expo, and AI & Business Automation Expo. 430 exhibitors & 30,000 IT professionals are expected to gather to this must-attend show and the show gives the best opportunities to exhibitors and visitors aiming for business expansion in western Japan.
Connected Manufacturing Leaders Summit 2020 Connected Manufacturing Leaders Summit 2020

Jan 29, 2020   -   Jan 30, 2020
Failing to benchmark your Industry 4.0 strategy now could risk you falling behind the world’s leading manufacturers.Only at Connected Manufacturing can you measure up against 130 smart manufacturing leaders, objectively evaluate your ‘project-by-project’ initiatives, discuss how to achieve connectivity and learn how to drive effective change management.
The Things Conference 2020 The Things Conference 2020
Jan 30, 2020   -   Jan 31, 2020
Gedempt Hamerkanaal 231, 1021 KP Amsterdam
Join over 2000 leaders in IoT at the LoRaWAN event of the year. Meet the industry leaders, learn about the latest and greatest in LoRaWAN and boost your IoT skillset.
The Things Conference 2020 The Things Conference 2020
The Things Industries
Jan 30, 2020   -   Jan 31, 2020
De Kromhouthal, Amsterdam
The world’s largest LoRaWAN conference is returning to Amsterdam on January 30 & 31. Join over 2000 IoT professionals from 50+ countries to meet the industry leaders, experience the different use cases and do business with the relevant players in the ecosystem. All the latest innovations and trends in LoRaWAN will be explored through workshops, keynotes and side sessions. Leaders in IoT will share the common mistakes and obstacles so you can mitigate risks during your LoRaWAN development. IoT is not a fairy tale, education through rough lessons is what brings us further. Join The Things Conference 2020 and learn what the future of LoRaWAN has in store for you!
Advanced Transportation Manufacturing Summit Toronto Advanced Transportation Manufacturing Summit Toronto

Feb 04, 2020   -   Feb 06, 2020
The Toronto Congress Center, 650 Dixon Rd, Etobicoke, ON M9W 1J1, Canada
ATMS brings together AEROSPACE and AUTOMOTIVE OEMs, top tier suppliers, component manufacturers, services and solutions providers through our unique B2B forum. The event will feature a deep focus on advanced manufacturing solutions and will begin with a full day of conferences on 'Industry 4.0: A Roadmap To Adoption'. The next couple days will showcase a dynamic marketplace enabling participants to meet, network and share ideas through pre-arranged face-to-face meetings.ATMS is NOT a traditional exhibition and is not open to the public. All organizations must register in advance in order to attend.
IndustryForum Smart Manufacturing and Services IndustryForum Smart Manufacturing and Services

Feb 04, 2020   -   Feb 05, 2020
The manufacturing sector is gearing up for Industry 4.0, but are organizations evolving to meet the upcoming demands and challenges? Join us at IndustryForum Smart Manufacturing and Services for deep insights on innovations and developments that are shaping the future of intelligent manufacturing. Exchange solutions with top-level executives and decision-makers from leading companies at our face-to-face matchmaking sessions, and build strategic partnerships for long-term business growth.
IoT Evolution Conference & Expo IoT Evolution Conference & Expo

Feb 11, 2020   -   Feb 14, 2020
Broward County Convention Center, 1950 Eisenhower Blvd. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
IoT Evolution Expo 2020: The Thinking IoT ArrivesThe future of the IoT is in Intelligence. IoT Evolution Expo will show you how to implement the Thinking IoT to move your business and your customers into the new Connected World.Beyond the mechanics of leveraging sensors for monitoring and data collection, IoT Evolution explores the next phase of the IoT; leveraging this sensor driven data to create truly intelligent analytical models that will allow AI and Machine Learning systems to move toward a more connected, automated world.Join us to hear about the exciting new business cases and operational competences that this next phase of the IoT will enable.IoT Evolution includes collocated conferences in Industrial IoT, Smart Cities and the Intelligent Edge.

Feb 11, 2020   -   Feb 11, 2020
IoT EurAsia brings together 500+ cross-industry leaders from across Europe and Asia. Looking at real business opportunities and the revenue potential of today’s digital transformation, this is the event to make sure your company doesn’t get left behind! Network with global experts and meet the local game-changers to ensure your business stays ahead of the completion.Key Topics Include:- IoT: a necessity for the competitive edge- Seizing the revenue potential- Data Security & Cyber Threats- AI & Machine Learning- Smart Living
Internet of Manufacturing DE 2020 Internet of Manufacturing DE 2020

Feb 11, 2020   -   Feb 12, 2020
Sheraton Munich Arabella Park Hotel Munich, Germany
Europe's leading event for industrial IoTBack for it's 5th year, Internet of Manufacturing DE 2020 returns to Munich as the flagship event of the global portfolio!This is Europe's only event designed for Manufacturers looking to reap the rewards of Industry 4.0, adopt and deploy the latest in digital, connected & intelligent solutions such as IoT, Predictive Maintenance, AI, Blockchain, Digital Twin, Additive Manufacturing, Robotics plus and much more.
Pacific Design & Manufacturing Pacific Design & Manufacturing

Feb 11, 2020   -   Feb 13, 2020
Anaheim Convention Center, 800 W. Katella Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92802
If you're excited by the latest in design services and technologies including CAD/CAM software, contract manufacturing, electronic components, 3D printing, rapid prototyping, and injection molding, this show's for you. Seasoned design engineers, up-and-coming academics, and executives alike will find something to sink their teeth into at Pacific Design & Manufacturing, from focused conference sessions on 3D printing to free educational and networking sessions at the expo.Attendee job titles include:- R&D engineers- Front-end product development engineers- Design engineers- Quality & process engineers- Regulatory & quality professionals- C-suite executives
Industrial IoT Conference Industrial IoT Conference

Feb 12, 2020   -   Feb 14, 2020
Fort Lauderdale, FL
The Internet of Things is disrupting old business models and creating opportunity, transformation and exciting new avenues for growth in companies of all kinds. Get Insight on the massive opportunity to increase the productivity and efficiency of your manufacturing and production processes.
RoboDex the 4th Robot Development & Application EXPO RoboDex the 4th Robot Development & Application EXPO

Feb 12, 2020   -   Feb 14, 2020
Tokyo Big Sight, 3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan 135-0063
Smart Manufacturing Summit Smart Manufacturing Summit

Feb 13, 2020   -   Feb 14, 2020
Frankfurt, Germany
Smart factories are fast becoming mainstream in manufacturing, offering a new level of efficiency and productivity to those that invest in them. Factories are no longer simply a mass of machinery operating as a series of production lines. Instead, manufacturing executives and engineers manage interconnected networks of moving parts, that can be trained and fine-tuned to optimise performance. New technologies such as big data, prognostics, machine learning and the cloud have changed the game when it comes to factory efficiency and maintenance. They are enabling manufacturers to proactively manage and improve the performance of these environments, with relatively low levels of investment.Our Smart Manufacturing Summit will gather together, C-level manufacturing professionals across variety of industries such as: Automobile, Engineering, Chemicals, Electrical & Electronic, Energy, Heavy Engineering, Machinery & Equipment to discuss importance of control shop floor operations, reducing manufacturing costs, reducing manufacturing cycle time, better understanding of equipment utilization, enabling paperless manufacturing and cover innovative trends of manufacturing Industry 4.0
Bosch ConnectedWorld 2020 Bosch ConnectedWorld 2020
Feb 19, 2020   -   Feb 20, 2020
STATION-Berlin, Luckenwalder Str. 4–6, 10963 Berlin, Germany
Bosch ConnectedWorld 2020 is the meeting point for experts creating connected products and solutions invented for life. Choose between the conference, the exhibition, the hackathon and the many networking opportunities to create your personalized event.Join executives, decision makers, digital transformers, innovators, developers, entrepreneurs and IoT enthusiasts from diverse industries around the world to stimulate knowledge exchange, co-creation and business opportunities.
IoT India Expo 2020 IoT India Expo 2020
Exhibitions India Group
Feb 19, 2020   -   Feb 21, 2020
Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India
IoT is changing the world around us, and, with ‘Digital India’ and the ‘Smart Cities Mission,’ is using technologies to offer a slew of smart services that are efficient, sustainable, accessible and affordable. Smart city solutions such as smart transportation, smart infrastructure, smart energy, smart communications, smart lighting, etc., function using integrated technologies, such as IoT, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. These solutions reduce costs for governments, citizens and enterprises alike. Enterprise and industrial markets are poised to become the biggest areas where the Internet of Things will be implemented. IoT India 2020 expo will explore the impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) on industries, such as manufacturing, transport, supply chain, insurance, logistics, government, energy and automotive. With 1.9 bn devices expected to be connected in India alone, by 2025, IoT and related technologies will assume unparalleled significance. Across sectors, we will see power grids, vehicles, homes, entire cities and manufacturing floors being connected. IoT India 2020 expo will focus on the fast-growing IoT infrastructure in India. With a special focus on automation, M2M communication, interoperability, analytics, new business models, this is the must-attend industrial event.
Smart Factory League Smart Factory League

Feb 19, 2020   -   Feb 21, 2020
Munich, Germany
Even though Digitalization is in full spate as far as the eye can see, there is still a huge gap between companies which are using advantages of Industry 4.0 in their manufacturing processes and those that are willing to implement digital strategies and use them on a daily basis. It’s hard not to get lost at all combinations of various technologies and amount of data.Our Summit offers a platform for industry experts to share their experience, discuss current challenge, examine what the education sector should be doing to prepare future workers, consider how to recruit and retain a properly trained labor force, and explore the latest trends for Smart Factories to drive profitability and achieve optimum potential. Learn from the best and make your manufacturing even smarter!
5th IoT Middle East 2020 5th IoT Middle East 2020

Feb 24, 2020   -   Feb 24, 2020
Burj Khalifa, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard - Dubai
As the borders between industries are fading, this is the time for all companies to accelerate growth by seizing new digital opportunities and creating significant competitive advantages.  A transformative cycle will hit industry after industry and change the fundaments on how to operate a profitable business. Because of IoT, AI, emerging technologies, advanced analytics and widespread connectivity the trend is only going to grow. This C-level event focuses purely on the business aspects of the Internet of Things to demonstrate the limitless opportunities ahead. The agenda covers the business models IoT can generate, the structures that should be in place and what impact new market segments will have on your bottom-line.
MWC Barcelona 2020 MWC Barcelona 2020

Feb 24, 2020   -   Feb 27, 2020
Fira Gran Via, Av. Joan Carles I, 64 08908 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona
The largest mobile event in the world, bringing together the latest innovations and leading-edge technology alongside today’s most influential visionaries.
FLEX 2020 FLEX 2020

Feb 24, 2020   -   Feb 27, 2020
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel San Jose, 2050 Gateway Pl, San Jose, CA 95110
Calling all flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) and the MEMS and sensors professionals and innovators! The FLEX Conference and the MEMS & Sensors Technical Congress—MSTC 2020 are co-located to add a deeper dimension to the technical and business base for the flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) and the MEMS and sensors communities. SPEAKERS and INNOVATORS - Share your expertise and innovations- Maximize industry connections- Discover new technology developments- Collaborate with both Flexible Hybrid Electronics and MEMS & Sensors colleagues
ShangHai International Industrial Internet and Industrial Communication Exhibiti ShangHai International Industrial Internet and Industrial Communication Exhibiti
Feb 25, 2020   -   Feb 28, 2020
National Exhibition and Convention Center (shanghai), Laigang Rd, Qingpu, Shanghai, China
随着中国工业经济的转型发展,“智能制造”相关政策的强化、深入、调整和推动,工业通讯的市场需求愈来愈大。因此,我们与众多行业协会共同举办“2019中国(上海)工业互联网及工业通讯展览会-工业互联网大会”, 展会将汇聚智能制造、电子信息、智能家居、汽车制造、能源\电力、智能教育、航空航天、医药\医疗、仓储物流、智能交通、电信业、公共安全、民生政务、基础建设等领域超3万名专业观众,是集产品展示、品牌推广营销、买家对接、技术交流、企业融资、高端峰会及行业评选为一体的全方位智能制造产业展示平台。琳琅满目的创新设备和制造科技,工业4.0和智慧工厂理念与实践相结合,带您尽览未来智能制造科技成果!
Embedded World 2020 Exhibition and Conference Embedded World 2020 Exhibition and Conference
Nürnberg Messe
Feb 25, 2020   -   Feb 27, 2020
Experience the world of embedded systems Exhibition Centre, 90471 Nürnberg, Germany
From 25 - 27 February 2020 at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre the focus will be again on all things embedded systems: the embedded community comes together here in annual rotation at the embedded world Exhibition&Conference. As a leading international world fair with the focus exclusively on embedded technologies, it reflects the trends in the sector; more than 1,000 exhibitors are presenting state-of-the-art covering all aspects of embedded systems.