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Industrial IoT World Industrial IoT World
Dec 01, 2020   -   Dec 03, 2020
Virtual event
ADAPT AND WIN: SEIZE IIOT NOW FOR LASTING DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION.Take ownership of the new normal at Industrial IoT World to ensure you don’t get left behind.Address core IIoT challenges from monetizing and securing data to updating legacy infrastructure and outdated business models.
Automechanika Shanghai Automechanika Shanghai
Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai)
Dec 02, 2020   -   Dec 05, 2020
National Convention & Exhibition Center, Shanghai, China
Automechanika Shanghai covers the entire supply chain and offers a strong collection of products, services, and technologies that meet the current and future needs of the market. The fair drives trends in a global platform and the new edition will further strengthen collaboration between the industry, research institutes and universities to enrich the automotive ecosystem service sector’s supply chain and chain stores. 
QuBit Conference Belgrade 2020 QuBit Conference Belgrade 2020
QuBit Conference
Dec 02, 2020   -   Dec 03, 2020
A Practical Roadmap to Adopting Edge AI A Practical Roadmap to Adopting Edge AI
FogHorn & IoT ONE & IOTSWC
Dec 02, 2020   -   Dec 02, 2020
As part of the prestigious IOTSWC Digital Summit on December 2nd, IoT ONE CEO Erik Walenza and FogHorn CTO Sastry Malladi will discuss current efforts to build roadmaps for adopting Edge AI.The session will be streamed live on December 2nd between 2:00 and 2:30 PM CET. During the streaming, participants have the possibility to ask questions to the speakers. Following the streaming, the session will be available for on-demand streaming. Directly register here or learn more at IOTSWC's website. IOTSWC's Digital Summit provides a forum to learn about the evolution of digital twins, AI and their applicability to multiple sectors including manufacturing, construction, transportation, smart buildings, healthcare, energy, and military. 
Executive Conversation with AspenTech and Wood Executive Conversation with AspenTech and Wood
BGS Group
Dec 03, 2020   -   Dec 03, 2020
Executive Conversation with AspenTech and Wood: Optimizing Operations in Any Market ConditionPlease join Antonio Pietri, President and CEO of Aspen Technology, and Darren Martin, Chief Technology Officer, Wood, for our upcoming Virtual Executive Conversation on December 3, 2020. Learn how you can put the pieces in place to create the Self-Optimizing Plant and achieve operational excellence that is sustainable regardless market conditions.As we move closer to the era of autonomy, tomorrow’s Smart Plant will be enabled by a set of increasingly self-learning, self-adapting and self-sustaining processes working together. With businesses in Europe dealing increasingly with the energy transition, with the backdrop of uncertain market conditions, the need to maintain operations that are safe, efficient, flexible, reliable and sustainable is greater than ever.By attending this virtual event, you can:Discover how two leading companies are unlocking new levels of performance by combining industrial technology with digital solutions and today’s 4.0 capabilitiesLearn how to accelerate your own digitalization journeyHear firsthand from other industry leaders during our panel discussion
The virtual AI Summit The virtual AI Summit
Dec 09, 2020   -   Dec 10, 2020
New York
AI transcends every area of business and society today, from CIOs to heads of functions, AI is fuelling operational and commercial evolution at a rapid pace.The Virtual AI Summit New York offers new depths of opportunities for our audience to be at the forefront of AI with technical deep-dive presentations from leaders driving the advancements.
IIoT World IIoT World's ManufacturingDay
IIoT World
Dec 09, 2020   -   Dec 09, 2020
Virtual event
One of a kind online conference that will bring together IIoT subject matters experts from all over the world to share insights smart manufacturing. This virtual event will focus on deploying machine learning on devices and on the network infrastructure that supports the intelligent IoT in manufacturing.We will be gathering a global audience to explore the most innovative real-world use cases of hardware and software facilitating AI at the edge with examples focused on smart manufacturing.The content is targeted to CxOs, executives, as well as technology-oriented executives, engineers, IT/OT professionals.
Pharma Logistics Exhibition (P-Logi China) Pharma Logistics Exhibition (P-Logi China)
informamarkets. Sinoexpo
Dec 16, 2020   -   Dec 18, 2020
P-Logi China exhibition and conference is Asia's leading platform gathering providers of logistics equipment, technologies and services for the pharmaceutical industry. Co-located with CPhI & P-MEC China, the exhibition scale will reach 210,000 sqm, exhibitor numbers 3,400+, and total visits of Chinese and overseas visits 75,000+. The digital extension of the physical CPhI & P-MEC China event, "Virtual Expo Connect", will be launched from November 18th for 31 days. The hybrid "Virtual Expo Connect" offers an online alternative for international visitors unable to travel to the physical show in China due to travel restrictions, adding valued services and infinite opportunities to connect, learn, trade and grow.
International Conference on Information Technology: IoT and Smart City

Dec 25, 2020   -   Dec 27, 2020
The theme of ICIT 2020 focuses on the IoT and Smart City and related technologies. The Internet of things (IoT) is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines provided with unique identifiers (UIDs) and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. A Smart city is an urban area that uses different types of electronic Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to collect data and then use insights gained from that data to manage assets, resources and services efficiently. This includes data collected from citizens, devices, and assets that is processed and analyzed to monitor and manage traffic and transportation systems, power plants, utilities, water supply networks, waste management, crime detection, information systems, schools, libraries, hospitals, and other community services. The Smart city concept integrates information and communication technology (ICT), and various physical devices connected to the IoT network to optimize the efficiency of city operations and services and connect to citizens.
Oil and Gas IOT Summit Oil and Gas IOT Summit

Jan 20, 2021   -   Jan 21, 2021
The Oil and Gas IoT Summit 2021 picks up the industry's transformation story 12 months on. Focusing on case study evidence and lessons learned our speakers will share their personal experiences, challenges and REAL results. With one eye on the future, we'll also take a look at the key trends and developments that look set to shape the industry in the next 12 months and beyond.
5th Smart Factory Expo 5th Smart Factory Expo

Jan 20, 2021   -   Jan 22, 2021
The latest technologies and solutions for smart factories will all gather here, including IoT/M2M solutions, FA Equipment/industrial robots, energy saving/eco solutions, factory facilities/equipment. Launched in 2017, SMART FACTORY Expo has grown its size every year and now has become Japan's largest exhibition for smart factory solutions. It attracts a vast amount of industry professionals who are keen to find advanced technologies.
7th Wearable Expo 7th Wearable Expo

Jan 20, 2021   -   Jan 22, 2021
The World's Leading Exhibition for Wearables with 150 Exhibitors and 16,000 Visitors!WEARABLE EXPO is the world's Leading exhibition for wearable devices and technologies whose scale is growing every year. All about wearables gather from around the world - from wearable devices to IoT, AR/VR technology, the latest materials & components.
5th RoboDEX 5th RoboDEX

Jan 20, 2021   -   Jan 22, 2021
Japan's leading robotics technology exhibition with 300 Exhibitors and 27,000 Visitors!Robotics technologies all gather in RoboDEX. Since its launch in 2017, the show has grown its size every year and now has become Japan's leading robotics technology exhibition. It attracts a vast amount of industry professionals who are keen to find advanced technologies.
IoT & Smart Pharma Summit IoT & Smart Pharma Summit

Jan 26, 2021   -   Jan 27, 2021
Virtual event
The evolving and strict regulatory landscape within the pharma sector has resulted in the industry remaining cautious towards adopting emerging technology. However, recent years has seen falling R&D productivity, cost increases, compliance and non-adherence challenges, patents expiring and stakeholder expectations evolving which is driving the pharma sector to focus their energy on IoT (Internet of Things) and other emerging technologies. The pharmaceutical industry is in fact perfectly positioned to leverage IoT technologies across manufacturing plants, supply chains, delivery routes, clinical trials, R&D and many other areas.
The IOT & Industry 4.0 Expo The IOT & Industry 4.0 Expo
Jan 27, 2021   -   Jan 28, 2021
Be part of the 4th industrial revolutionSee the future of manufacturing from global experts. Understand government policy, gain support & access to finance, adopt the latest business models, hear about large- & small-scale 4.0 case studies, and what this means for your manufacturing business. Come & network with your peers and see the latest technologies & solutions to make manufacturing smarter. Join us at Citywest on the 27th & 28th of January 2021 to experience Irelands largest gathering for the 4th industrial revolution. IOT Connect Live is a unique opportunity for the manufacturing industry to get together to specifically share ideas and experiences on industry 4.0, to make new and valuable contacts with peers and suppliers, and catch up with old friends and colleagues. Discover how industry is evaluating and implementing industry 4.0 and update yourself on new technologies and applications that can improve efficiencies within your business.This year’s event will focus on the incredible benefits that the Internet of Things can bring to Manufacturing; from the adoption of advanced manufacturing methods which allow for greater customisation, through to the potential energy savings and performance improvements that it can deliver. We will also explore the new skills that will be needed to underpin this change, as operations and information technology collide. Attendees will hear industry leaders share the opportunities and difficulties of implementing advanced manufacturing techniques, and their recommendations for others who are progressing their IoT journey. There will be the chance to network throughout the day with technology and industry leaders, as well as gain a greater understanding of Government support and plans in this area.
International Conference on Internet of Things and Intelligence System International Conference on Internet of Things and Intelligence System
Jan 27, 2021   -   Jan 28, 2021
Virtual event
It is our great pleasure to welcome you to The 2020 International Conference on Internet of Things and Intelligence System (IoTaIS 2020). The conference will be held on January 27-28, 2021, in Bali, Indonesia. This conference is organized and sponsored by IEEE ComSoc Indonesia Chapter and Tel-U IoT Center.Recent developments of Internet of Things (IoT) and Intelligence System are numerous and very interesting, covering a wide range of areas, such as: transportation, healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, smart city and many more. Many new ideas and research results in these fields continues to emerge from time to time. Unfortunately, there only exist a few events in the region with suitable places to present the ideas as well as to exhibit the recent research results of IoT and Intelligence System. International Conference on IoT and Intelligence System (IoTaIS) intends to provide solutions to the problems above, by providing a forum for meetings of industry players, researchers and academicians, to showcase the latest research results, to collaborate and to share ideas for the advancement of IoT and Intelligence System.
IoT & 5G Solutions Expo IoT & 5G Solutions Expo
Japan IT Week
Jan 27, 2021   -   Jan 29, 2021
IoT & 5G Solutions Expo Osaka features a variety of solutions including wireless communication technologies, sensors, applications such as remote monitoring and production management, and AI based data analysis.Professionals in charge of planning & development, systems and production departments from industries including manufacturing, social infrastructure (electricity, gas, water, etc.) and distribution service visit to conduct face-to-face business meetings with exhibitors.
Industrial AI/IoT Expo [AioTex] Industrial AI/IoT Expo [AioTex]
Manufacturing World Japan
Feb 03, 2021   -   Feb 05, 2021
Industrial AI/IoT Expo is an exhibition gathering "AI/IoT" products & solutions for manufacturing industry. It attracts a significant number of manufacturing industry professionals from information system, production engineering, factory management, design, development and management department, to conduct lively business discussions with exhibitors.
International Conference on Next Generation of Internet of Things (ICNGIoT) International Conference on Next Generation of Internet of Things (ICNGIoT)
Giet University
Feb 05, 2021   -   Feb 06, 2021
International Conference on Next Generation of Internet of Things (ICNGIoT-2021) aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Next Generation Internet of Things. The next generation of IoT is characterized by the usage of smart solutions with embedded intelligence at the edge that relies on high connectivity, processing capabilities for edge devices and real-time analysis of information. This evolution is based on the convergence of some key ICT technologies like hyper connectivity and new network architectures, edge computing, artificial intelligence, and block chain.
The 25th Annual ARC Industry Forum The 25th Annual ARC Industry Forum
ARC Advisory Group
Feb 08, 2021   -   Feb 11, 2021
Virtual event
The future is already here. Discover strategies and stories from the digital front lines at the 25th Annual ARC Industry Forum.Propelled by recent global health and economic crises, industrial innovation is accelerating. Leading companies had progressed along their digital transformation journey and were able to quickly adapt to the changed business reality. They supported numbers of remote connected workers far earlier than expected, and leveraged wearables and other tech to support the remaining frontline workers in the plant. With what they have learned, they are now re-thinking how to manage operations using shared data, analytics, distributed work, and digital twins. The industry has passed a tipping point, having seen the power of disruptive technologies to transform business operations and competitive strategies, improve resilience, reduce costs, and better serve customers. It's full speed ahead.
Feb 23, 2021   -   Feb 25, 2021
George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, Texas
HOUSTEX is an interactive experience, dedicated to showcasing advanced technologies and processes that help manufacturers innovate and create industry transformation. With more than 65,000 square feet of exhibit space, HOUSTEX features hundreds of exhibits highlighting the latest products and services designed to help manufacturers develop their pathway to success.From additive manufacturing to robotics, machining centers to welding, and dozens of technologies in between, showcase your product or explore the best in manufacturing at HOUSTEX. Experience Southwest manufacturing and get started on your pathway to success at HOUSTEX!
MWC Shanghai MWC Shanghai
Feb 23, 2021   -   Feb 25, 2021
In an ever-changing world, it takes flexibility and adaptability to shape the future. At the end of 2019, 2.8 billion people in Asia Pacific subscribed to mobile services, accounting for 66% of the population (GSMA Intelligence)The headline for MWC Shanghai 2021 is Connected Impact, showcasing how the entire digital ecosystem continues to transform our lives towards a safer and better world.MWC Shanghai 2021 promises conversation guided by technology’s visionaries, networking opportunities to forge partnerships and a packed exhibition listing of technology that will define the future and advance your business strategy.Be part of our hybrid event experience and join the journey on fully realising the potential of Connected Impact on your business, the planet and society.
Inter airport South East Asia 2021 Inter airport South East Asia 2021
Reed Exhibitions
Feb 24, 2021   -   Feb 26, 2021
Singapore EXPO
inter airport South East Asia 2021 is the Region's Premier Airport Exhibition for Airport Equipment, Terminal Technology, Design & Digital Technology Solutions. The exhibition serves as a business platform connecting airport industry people around the region to meet, discuss, network, learn, and discover the latest trends technologies and enhancements to improve the operational efficiency of airports.inter airport South East Asia has been widely recognized as a must-attend airport exhibition in ASEAN region and beyond with worldwide connectivity creating effective face to face interactions and a host of market opportunities.
Rethink! Smart Manufacturing Europe Rethink! Smart Manufacturing Europe
Mar 01, 2021   -   Mar 02, 2021
The Rethink! Smart Manufacturing 2021 is the strategy event for production executives and plant managers to discuss current projects, latest developments, emerging technologies and trends in the area of Smart Manufacturing, Lean Management, and Operational Excellence. It is the networking platform for top-level decision makers to exchange experiences and to find new ideas and solutions for tomorrow's digital factory strategy.
6th Industry of Things World USA 6th Industry of Things World USA
Mar 02, 2021   -   Mar 03, 2021
San Diego
Coming back for the 6th year, Industry of Things World USA is the only event running over 3 days that focuses on the impact of the industrial IoT on business models, manufacturing processes and operations across all major industries. This event is part of the award-winning Industry of Things World global event series and has turned into the meeting point for senior executives wanting to deepen their knowledge and broaden their network in the Industrial Internet. With a special focus on IIoT Strategy, New Business & Service Models, Smart Factory Readiness for SMEs, Industry 4.0, Operational Excellence, Condition Monitoring, RPA, AR & VR as well as Data & Technical Infrastructure, Legacy systems and IoT Networks this is the must-attend industrial event for 2020.Discover the next era of IIoT – Now!
Global Experts Meet On Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & Iot
Innovative Concepts Outstanding Network Conferences LLC
Mar 04, 2021   -   Mar 05, 2021
ICON (Innovative Concepts Outstanding Network) Conferences LLC is a nonprofit organization accelerating the dissemination of new research findings among scientists, researchers, industry experts and students through research, education, communication, and collaboration to foster new breakthroughs.ICON Conferences facilitates a dialogue between the 4-G’ (Great Guests Global Gathering) and aims extremely at swapping of ideas, with prominent experts across the globe. Organize extraordinarily planned conferences which comprises of keynote speech, Oral talks, Workshops, Poster presentations, Panel Discussions and Exhibitions, Young Researcher Forums (YRF), B2B Meetings, Best Poster Award, Best Speaker Award, Best Abstract Award and many more.
SIA Shanghai Intelligent Factory Exhibition SIA Shanghai Intelligent Factory Exhibition

Mar 04, 2021   -   Mar 06, 2021
“SIA Shanghai Intelligent Factory Exhibition”, formerly known as “Shanghai International Modern Industrial Intelligent Equipment Exhibition”, has been successfully held for many times and has become an indispensable brand exhibition for the domestic intelligent equipment industry,it covers industrial automation, robotics, AGV vehicles, machine vision and other fields. The “CME China machine tool exhibition” will be held at the same time, directly and comprehensively serving the entire industrial chain of intelligent factory industry from source to terminal. The last exhibition covered an area of 90762 square meters, with 1200 exhibitors and 105,000 professional visitors.
IIoT India IIoT India

Mar 04, 2021   -   Mar 05, 2021
New Delhi
The 2021 edition of IIoT India, dedicated towards reimagining the future of manufacturing, is a strategic platform that evolves with the industry and is shaped by the leaders and experts in support of their transformative initiatives; a journey that is necessary and made possible by the process of digitalisation. Designed and curated to help companies start, scale and sustain their adoption of “SMART” processes and solutions, IIoT India brings together the ecosystem of players and stakeholders across the value chain to learn, share, collaborate, network and do business with each other.
Smart Factory + Automation World Smart Factory + Automation World

Mar 10, 2021   -   Mar 12, 2021
Meet the Future of the Manufacturing IndustrySmart Factory Bureau, which directs the Korean Smart Factory Supply Business, presents Factory Models and opens Smart Factory Supply Conference as a concurrent eventA large number of participating companies are from the Smart Factory Solution and supply and demand industry
International Conference on Edge, IoT and Social Computing for Digital Villages
National Institute of Technical Teachers Training & Research, Chandigarh
Mar 11, 2021   -   Mar 12, 2021
Virtual event
AICTE Sponsored International Conference on Edge, IoT and Social Computing for Digital Villages (ICEISCDV-2021) will be held during March 11-12, 2021 as e-conference, to be organised by Department of Computer Science and Engineering, National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research, Sector 26, Chandigarh.The objective of ICEISCDV-2021 is to provide a forum for scientists, engineers, educators and researchers to discuss and exchange new ideas, novel results and experience on all aspects of IoT, Edge and Social Computing for Developed Villages. This conference encourages researchers to submit original research contributions in all major areas of IoT, Edge and Social Computing .