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Industrial Internet of Things

Asia IoT Alliance (AIOTA)

Asia IoT Alliance (AIOTA)
Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)
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1. Establish IOT industrial chain
Combine the end devices of software and hardware industries, connect cloud application platform and systematic services developers, and build the foundation of smart IoT application services.
2. Promote international IOT exchange
Cooperate with world main IoT association Industrial Internet Consortium(IIC)、Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) and share the leading IoT mainstream techniques and market information to our members for helping them get the critical position in IoT era.
3. Seize business opportunity
Shorten the product development cycle of our members by sharing and integrating sources to help them get the first-mover advantages.

1. 建構智慧物聯網產業鏈
2. 促進國際物聯網交流
與世界重要物聯網組織Industrial Internet Consortium(IIC)、Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) 合作,分享引領全球的物聯網主流技術及市場資訊予聯盟組織成員,助力搶攻物聯網時代的關鍵地位。
3. 搶先贏得物聯網商機
AIOTA - Asia Internet of Things Alliance aims to lead IOT industry in Asia to thrive, to grow, and to mature steady but rapidly. AIOTA is a non-profit organization who helps firms gather to create practical IoT solution in real world. ​
​AIOTA is currently evolved in matchmaking between members and exterior resources to carry out IoT projects among various fields including industry 4.0, smart city, smart retail, energy network etc. in Asia.

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