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Bishop Ranch Innovation Intelligence Accelerator
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At BRIIA, we embrace that diversity and do everything we can to foster an environment where differences in ideas and approach are freely discussed and thoughtfully evaluated. We encourage dialogue, but more importantly we encourage listening. We believe that entrepreneurship has no race or gender. The more we support diversity in our entrepreneurial community, the stronger we become. We Embrace the Paradox of Conviction & Humility
Bishop Ranch Innovation Intelligence Accelerator (BRIIA) was founded in 2017 as an integrated data innovation accelerator and collaborative community for machine learning and artificial intelligence. BRIIA’s 12-week Accelerator curriculum gives early-stage entrepreneurs the resources to start and grow companies that are fueled by machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and related technologies. BRIIA is a community of specialists with diversity and passion in emerging technologies, analytics, marketing, sales, UX, and business development. Here, cutting edge data technologies meet entrepreneurship to foster growth in new ideas and markets.
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