Brinc Global IoT Accelerator

Brinc Global IoT Accelerator
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Offering a new blend of acceleration, product development and sales, Brinc supports today’s global IoT entrepreneurs at all stages. Led by a dedicated team of in-house experts that combine the best from accelerators, consultancies, service providers and distributors, Brinc is passionate about enabling IoT founders to focus on building their company and next generation of smart devices. Powered by individually tailored programs and dedicated office hours from in-house experts, our 3-month sprint is designed for hardware founders to establish critical early stage validation and traction with functional prototypes.
We focus on short-term milestones while taking a long-term view on building a profitable business. We use multi-disciplinary approach to product development with an emphasis on user-testing early and often. We work everywhere. Our digital-first approach enables you to stay in market with your users and come to Shenzhen when it makes business sense to do so. We balance working on business with your technical product work. With equal emphasis on best business practices, marketing, brand building, cash flow planning, and product, the Brinc Global IoT program sets you up for long-term success. We Aligned for the long haul with 3% equity on a cashless basis.
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