Shaoxing Paojiang Economic and Technological Development Area

Shaoxing Paojiang Economic and Technological Development Area
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Shaoxing Paojiang Economic and Technological Development Area aims to develop industries, investment from abroad and high-tech industries as its working principle and plans to construct: Foreign Investment Park, Bio-engineering Pharmaceutical and Fine Chemicals Park, Traditional Industries Upgrade Section and Central Commercial & Residential Section.
SPIZ focuses on developing new high-tech industries such as biology & pharmaceutical, electro-mechanical integration, fine chemicals, new materials and environmental protection items and encourages the innovation and upgrade of the traditional industries like light textile and food industries. Until now, 106 industrial projects with planned investment US$ 8.96 billion and contractual investment US $ 0.3 billion and actual investment US$ 0.06 million have been approved. New firms can easily fi SPIZ enjoys a favorable geographical position by land, water, and air. It is only 200 kilometers from Shanghai and 20 kilometers from Xiaoshan International Airport Hangzhou. A development principle of high-level planning, high-class construction, high-efficiency management is insisted on in the zone. Civil facilities have been set up in the first-phrase construction area of 15 square kilometers. Basic infrastructure including water, electricity, gas, road, telecom, and sewage disposal shall meet the demands of various kinds of investment projects. Complete public service facilities such as schools, hospitals, banks are available.
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