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Improving Industrial Strength and Growing Industrial Clusters
The STSP Bureau(STSPB) incorporates industrial innovative development with the world’s digital transformation trends, to strengthen industrial key R&D technologies and lead the way for industrial transformation and upgrading. By targeting specific investment recruitments, the STSPB works to close the gap between the supply chains of the IC, the medical device and aerospace industries, to continuously boost the competitiveness of industrial clusters at the STSP.

Stabilizing STSP Resources for Sustainable Operations
We constantly review the opportunities of expansion or establishment of a new science park to ensure the supply of industrial land. In the meantime, the STSPB has added new tap water resources, introduced recycled water and gradually complete power supply strategies for the short term and long term. This will ensure stable water and power supply, so as to attract the presence of high-tech industries, create economic value and job opportunities, and to achieve the vision of sustainable operations at the STSP.

A Sustainable Environment for Industry, Living, Life, and Ecology
To safeguard the lives of relief workers, the STSPB will develop indoor positioning, telecommunication, and VR/AR technical applications to integrate disaster relief fields into its science parks. Environmental policies including water and energy conservation, green energy, and big tree re-plantation will be continuously implemented to reduce the impact of production and development on the ecological environment. Public art will be promoted through cooperation with local cultural and public education groups to connect the STSP with the public. The STSPB aims to build a high-quality industrial environment filled with cultural elements.
The Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP) consists of the Tainan Science Park and the Kaohsiung Science Park. It was built as part of the “New Establishment of Science Parks” program for the “Six-year National Development Project”, proposed by Executive Yuan in 1991. In 1993, an “Economic Revitalization Project” was founded and the proposal to “Establish the Southern Taiwan Science Park” was approved. In May 1995, the STSP Development Plan (Phase 1 Site of the Tainan Science Park) was ratified, making a major stride in the development of high-tech industry in Southern Taiwan. In April and September of 2001, the development of Luzhu Science Park (now the Kaohsiung Science Park) and the Phase II site of the Tainan Science Park were ratified respectively.
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