IFS Applications Software

IFS Applications Software
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January, 2014 (6 years ago)
January, 2014 (6 years ago)
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Designed specifically for to-order manufacturers and asset-intensive companies around the globe, IFS Applications is relied upon by its large global customer base by supporting intricate order-driven and mixed-mode manufacturing requirements across entire organizations. The system is designed primarily for large- and medium-sized companies in the project-oriented manufacturing and asset-intensive industries.

Developed with open standards, IFS Applications facilitates rapid implementation, smooth upgrades, simple integration with other systems and easy reconfiguration as needs change. Because the company offers a single, flexible solution that can grow and change with a business, customers need not switch to a different product as their company grows and redefines itself. In addition, the system can scale to different numbers of users as the company grows. IFS Applications supports for multiple companies, sites, and currencies – and multiple manufacturing business models – on a single instance of the software and on a single database. New versions of IFS Applications are always tested as a beta release by key customers, so robust and complete functionality is ensured with each new release. The suite is built on a service-oriented architecture (SOA), lowering total cost of ownership and increasing the amount of deployment options available. Functional components of IFS Applications can each be presented as web services, making it easy to open portals in the software to customers and partners. Microsoft Office and other productivity tools also integrate seamlessly with the system. The user interface of IFS Applications is designed to intuitively organize tasks, roles, and mimics navigational conventions found on the web to minimize the amount of time spent learning how to fully utilize the software. Individual users can customize their work environment to make the system even more user-friendly, if necessary.

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