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Bright Machines is a manufacturing startup that aims to eliminate manual labor from manufacturing electronic devices by combining robots and new software. Its software-defined manufacturing platform helps customers innovate faster to meet the growing demands of a new era of manufacturing. The company was founded by former Autodesk executive, Armar Hanspal, in 2018.
Bright Machines Microfactories are comprised of integrated elements that together provide a modern, AI-powered approach to automating the assembly stage on a production line.
Brightware? cloud-based software for design, simulation, and deployment of the configuration and instructions used to setup, reconfigure and run any number of physical production lines for assembly.
Bright Robotic Cells (BRC) pre-integrated and production-ready modular units, based on adaptive robotics technology, that can be configured to meet the manufacturing needs of the product being assembled.

Real Benefits:
1.Reduce initial deployment and changeover time.
2.Improve return on capital investment by easily repurposing equipment.
3.Deliver efficient space utilization on the factory floor.
4.Enable Predictive Maintenance with data analytics.
5.Replicate lines quickly and scale up as business grows.

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