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Own your IoT deployment with Hologram's cellular SIM cards and easy-to-use monitoring dashboard. Our seamless, global coverage, multi-carrier network and support specialists are here to help you connect and manage your IoT devices.

Our flexible pricing plans are designed to get you off the ground. Focus on scaling your fleet and managing your devices without any additional carrier negotiations, integrations, or hardware swaps.

Test drive Hologram with a pilot IoT SIM and get connected in under a week.

Global IoT SIM Card

A secure, future-proof IoT SIM card with eUICC capabilities. Access a cell network built for M2M data that works worldwide with easy activation, transparent pricing, and developer-friendly tools.

Stay connected with our network of networks

Don't let your devices get left in the dark by relying on just one carrier. When devices see dead zones or poor performance, we automatically switch your device to another network — avoiding loss in connectivity.

Plus, we’re always expanding our portfolio of eUICC connectivity profiles with Hologram Hyper for even greater flexibility and coverage.

A dashboard your whole team will want to use

No other IoT dashboard lets teams work in real-time, saving you valuable time and money so you can get back to the stuff that matters (and off that fleet management grind).

Trust your devices will connect before you deploy

With Hologram Preflight, you can easily QA your devices at the point of manufacture — with free test data and unlimited testing time.

Seamlessly connect to the strongest signal

Trust your IoT fleet with our dependable cellular network, featuring automatic, agnostic carrier switching.

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