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Zco Corporation ( is a leading provider of mobile solutions. Zco provides both custom development services as well as a number of its own IoT products.

These products include IoT2cell (, which is robust mobile platform for the IoT ecosystem and PublicEye (, which serves the public safety market.

Zco has been in business for over 29 years and has developed over 500 mobile apps. It is one of the few companies which has expertise in mobile platforms and IoT systems.

IoT2cell "mobilizes" IoT business processes through the use of mobile phones. It is the first Mobility Platform serving the IoT marketplace. IoT2cell was made with Industry 4.0 in mind, hazardous locations and remote job sites require a comprehensive solution.

IoT2cell helps integrate people into your IoT business processes, by leveraging the power and ubiquity of the cell phone. With very little effort, IoT2cell helps you add collaborative response and task management capabilities to your IoT solution.

IoT2cell provides an array of advanced integrated tools and features such as: Video Collaboration, Response features, Video Broadcasting, GPS Tracking, Task Management, AR and more!

PublicEye mobilizes Police, Fire and EMS and is in use in many jurisdictions throughout the United States. In addition to helping first responders deal with 911 calls through the use of mobile phones, PublicEye can connect to CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive) detectors (IoT sensor). When such a hazard is detected, first responders can respond immediately using the full power of the mobile platform. PublicEye is the perfect tool for the Smart City environment.

AT&T Stadium, over 20 U.S cities, Verizon, Microsoft, Motorola, Golflogix, Samsung, Liberty Mutual, John Hancock, BBC America, Skanska, APR Energy, etc..

The IoT ONE Radar indicates a vendor's relative focus on hardware, software and services.
Software that ingests data and visualises it to generate insights to answer specific questions
Platforms that facilitate and allow application developments for specific use cases and/or client requirements.
Providing the infrastructure to store and manage data.
Bringing together software, hardware, middleware, and infrastructure components to build an end-to-end solution based on specific client requirements.
Developing custom software for specific uses and operating environments/needs.
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