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Innovators in industry digitalization process.

From rugged devices to powerful end-user applications, Sky Puzzle offer the end to end M2M solutions delivered over multiple reliable networks.
Scalable enterprise end to end cloud platform delivering state of the art technology through a wide variety of custom industrial and residential solutions

Scalable: Provison and deploy distributed industrial technology stack solutions for controlling and monitoring various IoT assets. Users can scale level of services needed as well as number or modules used.

Secure: Granular security model provides more flexible, and dynamic Security Controls than traditional enterprise security models.

Protocol Conversion: Orchestrate and manage quick pain-free communication protocol transformation. By implementing a wide variety of industry protocols like Modbus, OPC, IEC 60870-5-103, IEC 61850, we provide the ability to connect and integrate both existing and new devices.

Remote Control
IIoT is connecting new places to the Internet. When an object in a physical world can represent itself digitally, it can be monitored and possibly controlled from anywhere.

Big Data
As amount of sent data gets higher new skills are needed to harness it's power. Our high-throughput stream processing architecture allows collection, processing and presentation of thousands events simultaneously.

Interactive Dashboards
Users can design own dashboards based on their product line KPI's and metrics, adjust display options simply, configure access levels instantly and add new monitoring rules quickly.

Partner SDK
Embed existing services through efficient end-to-end application development environment for third party partners.
The IoT ONE Radar indicates a vendor's relative focus on hardware, software and services.
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