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Zenatix is an energy monitoring and analytics company that helps large electricity consumers understand their energy consumption pattern and take steps to save energy. Installs energy monitoring equipment such as Smart Meters and Controllers and sets up a cloud-based software for real-time monitoring of energy consumption. Stores the data from Smart Meters in the cloud and provides consumers with visualizations and analytics dissecting their power consumption patterns in real time at major loads, and take steps to optimize the usage by recommending energy-saving measures.The company currently has 4 products under its umbrella, targeting retail, BFSI, commercial building, industry, and apartment.

Zenatix offers WattMan is a combination of IoT and AI helping large retail chains (e.g. supermarkets, QSR, apparel stores etc.) and Banks (for their branches and ATM) in improving their energy efficiency and automate other manual operations.

WattMan IoT involves installing sensor (such as energy meters, temperature sensors), Controllers (ruggedised for India and emerging economies that experience power failure, voltage fluctuations and intermittent network connectivity) and Actuators (that help complete the loop and control assets such as Air Conditioners, Kitchen Exhaust, ATM, Modem). Collected data (at high resolution) is also analysed to provide predictive and Preventive Maintenance alerts in real time for all business critical assets.

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