Warehouse Automation

Warehouse Automation
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Integrated security and logistics solutions for warehouses and logistics operators include an array of services in the alarm and security spaces such as intrusion detection and burglar alarms, access control systems, video surveillance security, fire detection and fire alarms. In addition to that, remote managed services such as video guard tours can fully support business operations and provided continues security.
There are multiple dimensions to smart warehousing, but they center on two major tenets: security and logistics.

In a warehouse, many people have access to inventory, and the potential cracks in a security framework are too many to count. A comprehensive security solution is the only way to truly have a secure warehouse.

Using dynamic sensors and cameras in an extensive network of security tools enables security personnel to manage the entire facility with ease, preventing any breach. In addition, comprehensive smart warehousing solutions provide cloud based security protocols to safeguard critical inventory and logistical data.

A warehouse has countless moving pieces; a modern warehouse must come equipped with state of the art logistical management technology not only to keep track of inventory and maximize value, but also to enhance productivity.

These two facets, if executed in tandem, can result in a warehouse that is both secure physically, secure digitally, and efficient.

Benefits: Increased security, increased logistical efficiency
-OPEX Reduction
-Customer Satisfaction Increase

Key vendors: NetSuite, Fishbowl Inventory, Snapfulfil, 3PL Central

The logistics automation market is estimated to be USD 46.22 Billion in 2018 and is projected to reach USD 80.64 Billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 11.8% during the forecast period

Source: Markets & Markets


According to DHL and Cisco Consulting, the IoT is set to boost supply and logistics operations by USD 1.9 trillion until 2026.

Source: Cisco

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