Cisco Case Studies Benteler Automobiltechnik automates plants & processes
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Benteler Automobiltechnik automates plants & processes

Benteler Automobiltechnik automates plants & processes - Cisco Industrial IoT Case Study
Discrete Manufacturing
System Integration

Benteler Automotive is looking for a solution that can solve the following situations: - Operation of 70 plants in 29 countries with worldwide reliance on components - Identify a seamless way to connect people, process, data and things to expedite the production process

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Benteler International AG is a Management Holding Company, coordinating legally independent, internationally active business divisions Automotive, Steel Pipes and Distribution. Benteler was founded in 1876.
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Benteler Automotive
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- Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) and ruggedized routers and switches provide a robust foundation to power production - Benteler works with Cisco Partners Nemetris and CANCOM DIAS to connect tools, parts and belts in each factory to each other and to a central location - End-to-end solution developed through applications supported by fog computing and cloud, integrated hardware and software components

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Connectivity Status, Operation Performance, Power Output, Production Efficiency
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[Efficiency Improvement - Production]
Connected every aspect of the factory together to Realize better production, Create changeovers, Establish operational efficiencies
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