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Bicycle  - Synapse Wireless Industrial IoT Case Study
Functional Applications - Fleet Management Systems (FMS)
Networks & Connectivity - RF Transceivers
Business Operation
Fleet Management

PBSC Urban provides municipalities throughout the world a bicycles-for-lease and an accompanying fleet management system. To pull off that feat, PBSC Urban needed a way to easily transmit essential data from their bicycles to the various bike station kiosks located throughout the cities they serve.

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Bicycle Sharing Company
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PBSC Urban Solutions
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After evaluating many options, PBSC Urban decided to use Synapse’s SNAP-based RF modules to serve as the heart of their solution. They recognized Synapse's SNAP RF modules would easily fit inside the handlebars of the bicycles and could transmit the necessary fleet management data when near a docking station. The data from each bicycle could be sent to a small gateway server at each kiosk and then be sent to the Internet through a cellular modem. This minimized the amount of costly cellular modems required, as they would only be needed for the kiosks, and not each bicycle. The developers for PBSC Urban enjoyed using the flexible development toolset provided for SNAP. It allowed them to configure the mesh networking functionality and over-the-air system updates without having to create custom software or utilities. This allowed the developers could spend less time tuning the network and more time getting the product set up for their customers.

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Asset Location, Tracking Of Assets
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[Cost Reduction - Energy]
Developed a low-powered wireless network
[Efficiency Improvement - Time To Market]
Accelerated time to market
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