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Brooklyn Botanic Garden Ponds: OptiNimbus for Combined Sewer Overflow Reduction

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The Challenge

Brooklyn Botanic Garden sought a comprehensive site water harvesting and recirculation system to maintain its landscape, water features, and special tree and plant species while minimizing impacts on the environment by reducing wet-weather discharge.

The Customer
Brooklyn Botanic Garden Ponds
About The Customer
The Solution

OptiNimbus preemptively releases water from the lower Water Garden Pond to create stormwater storage volume ahead of forecasted storm events. This significantly reduces the incidence and volume of wet-weather discharge while maintaining aesthetics and achieving water conservation goals.

Data Collected
Water Level, Water Usage
Operational Impact
  • [Cost Reduction - Capital Investment]
    OptiNimbus saved Brooklyn Botanic Garden hundreds of thousands of dollars in capital costs for new water storage infrastructure.

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