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Business Analytics Deliver Operational Intelligence - Splunk Industrial IoT Case Study
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Business Operation

iRhythm was founded to provide patients an affordable alternative for monitoring heart rhythms, one that helps avoid the complexities, inefficiencies and lack of cost-effective monitoring options. With its single-use adhesive Zio Patch, an ECG rhythm monitor that can be used continuously for up-to-14 days, iRhythm has addressed key unmet clinical needs in the field of ambulatory cardiac monitoring. In order to keep pace with its rapid growth and limited resources, iRhythm required an efficient and effective way to monitor business processes, establish baseline performance across the entire operation and continue to track that performance to support the company's value-driven, high-volume business model.

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iRhythm provides innovative and cost-effective diagnostic monitoring solutions that facilitate early diagnosis and treatment decisions, with the goal of ultimately improving patient health outcomes and reducing wasteful healthcare spending.
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Splunk Enterprise was the ideal solution for iRhythm, because it could deploy quickly, ingest almost any data and allow the company the flexibility to understand and address its evolving operational requirements. iRhythm has implemented Splunk as its enterprise data warehouse. Splunk helped iRhythm to gain Operational Intelligence across its infrastructure, monitor business processes and product performance, and provide executive dashboards to report on overall company efficiency. These high-level summary dashboards in Splunk Enterprise aggregate business process and productivity data to pinpoint any operations-related issues.

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Asset Performance, Operation Performance, Personal Medical, Service Lifecycle
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[Data Management - Data Analysis]
Cloud solutions enable aggregation of 'big data' to enable more robust analysis and lower costs.
[Efficiency Improvement - Operation]
The whole service cycle can be viewed under a single Splunk platform allowing iRhythm to make timely decision.
[Management Effectiveness - Operation Transparency]
Tracking efficiency levels, monitoring output and productivity, and ensuring that manufacturing and service operations are running in tandem and as smoothly as possible are enabled through Splunk's platform.
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