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Car Manufacturer Test IoT Solution on Test Vehicles

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Car Manufacturer Test IoT Solution on Test Vehicles - Faltcom (Telia) Industrial IoT Case Study
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For each new model, Volvo Cars builds a number of test cars that are driven for a long time in a variety of locations around the world. The test cars gather data that are useful during the development of the car and Volvo Cars wanted online access to this data. Volvo Cars set a number of requirements for the solution: it had to be built on standards to allow for quick implementation and expansion, and it needed to maintain the highest security standards – an obvious requirement in light of the fierce competition in the automotive industry.
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The solution was to implement the MIIPS platform to connect the computers in the test cars directly to Volvo Cars’ servers. Through a connection between MIIPS Unit C and the vehicle’s CANbus (which can send all available data in the car), all data is easily collected and sent. The MIIPS platform meets many mobile network standards and is operator-independent, so the location of the test car is irrelevant – it can communicate with the servers from anywhere in the world.
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[Data Management - Data Security]
Extremely strong encryption ensures that no data falls into the
wrong hands
[Data Management - Data Transmission]
Possible to send all information directly to Volvo Cars’ servers
Volvo Cars can update the software in the cars directly from the
1,000 test cars are equipped with MIIPS
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