MOXA Case Studies Cellular RTU for Building Beijing Water Pipeline Remote Monitoring Systems

Cellular RTU for Building Beijing Water Pipeline Remote Monitoring Systems

Cellular RTU for Building Beijing Water Pipeline Remote Monitoring Systems - MOXA Industrial IoT Case Study
Automation & Control - Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA)
Networks & Connectivity - Cellular
Business Operation

Water pipeline pressure needs to be kept at 0.3 Mpa in order to deliver a reliable stream of tap water to homes, businesses, and factories. Water companies use real-time monitoring systems in order to achieve consistent water pressure management that can quickly respond to any sudden drops of water pressure. System Requirements - Monitor all the distributed pressure points of a widely distributed water pipeline network - Monitor and display in real-time data from every pressure value on the central SCADA system HMI - Stable cellular communications network - High expandability

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Moxa's ioLogik W5340 is a cellular RTU solution designed specifically for remote monitoring systems. Compared with RF monitoring solutions, cellular offers a more cost efficient way to build a remote monitoring solution. Traditional cellular products use polling to request data, which requires a static and public IP. Moxa’s ioLogik W5340 can actively update pressure values to the SCADA system regardless of what kind of IP address it uses. In addition, active reporting provides a way to get real-time data from the remote location, which is impossible with a polling system. As a simple comparison, it takes a traditional polling architecture two to three minutes to obtain four different pressure values from different monitoring sites. The ioLogik W5340 can use active communications to obtain the status in just a few seconds. Moreover, the ioLogik W5340 also supports local intelligence, so control logic can be executed and stored in the front-end device for a truly PC-free solution. The ioLogik W5340 includes free Active OPC Server software that integrates seamlessly with any SCADA system. In addition to Active OPC Server, the free Moxa DA-Center software allows users to feed the I/O data straight into a database or quickly produce Excel files for data analysis.

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Connectivity Status, Network Performance (bits/s), Water Pressure
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[Data Management - Real Time Data]
Real-time data acquisition with active report technology
[Data Management - Connectivity Flexibility]
All-in-one cellular solution, seamless connection to SCADA via Active OPC server
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