Schneider Electric Case Studies Citywide Smart Grid Solutions in Lyon
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Citywide Smart Grid Solutions in Lyon

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Functional Applications - Remote Monitoring & Control Systems
Networks & Connectivity - Gateways
Other - Energy Harvesting
Sensors - Utility Meters
Business Operation
Energy Management System

Standardize and showcase a fully operational smart grid for widespread deployment of proven innovative solutions and provide the basis for:

• New business models for prosumer

• Investment strategies for the French power system to incorporate the latest technological innovations

• Transition scenarios to facilitate the evolution of the current network towards a smart grid system

• Implementation of findings from multidisciplinary research on optimal technological and economic choices

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City of Lyon and Grenoble, France The GreenLys smart-grid development project, comprising Lyon and Grenoble, serves as the experimental platform for innovative solutions, from energy generation to consumption> 1000 residential customers> 40 tertiary
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City of Lyon and Grenoble
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For home-owners 

Wiser™ system monitors and controls all electrical equipment’s energy use, by zone or type (e.g. heating, hot water) > StruxureWare™ Demand-Side Operation platform enables participation in programs that offer financial rewards for optimizing energy consumption > The Wiser system connected to StruxureWare Demand-Side Operation platform enables participation in smart grid programs > Electric vehicles to represent a flexible source of stored energy that can be re-injected into the grid when needed

For businesses 

Cloud-based services and a smart gateway monitor and control building loads, onsite renewable energy production, energy storage system and HVAC systems

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Energy Consumption Rate, Energy Production
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[Cost Reduction - Energy]
16% Reduction in total heating (electricity) costs Thanks to shifting usage from peak to non-peak periods

Grid managers

> New interruption and deferment

> Grid measurement and observation solutions

> Optimized integration of decentralized energy generation

> Better investment management

The community

> Environmental benefits (reduced greenhouse emissions)

> New job opportunities in the sector of smart grid solutions and services

The consumer

> More efficient consumption management for reducing bills and environmental footprint

Electricity suppliers and producers

> Better power generation base management

> Improved energy quality

> Enriched portfolio of new services and customized tariffs

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