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Compression Facility Industrial Asset Monitoring Solution

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Compression Facility Industrial Asset Monitoring Solution - Veros Systems Industrial IoT Case Study
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After spending millions on an enhanced oil recovery (EOR) infrastructure, including CO2, compressors, pipelines, injection wellheads, and fluid separators, Chaparral began to see its long-term investment pay off as oil production increased. However, when a CO2 compressor fails, CO2 volumes to the pipeline plummet by 50% or more. The operator needed predictive intelligence to prevent such an event.

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The Oklahoma City based independent has proven reserves of over 150 million barrels of crude oil equivalent and interests in over 3,000 producing wells. It operates primarily in mature oil and gas fields in Oklahoma, Kansas and the Permian Basin.
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Chaparral Energy
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Chaparral selected Veros ForeSight to provide an industrial asset monitoring solution. The project team selected twelve compressors and one pump to monitor in the Liberal, Kansas CO2 compression facility.

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Asset Performance, Asset Utilization, CO2 consumption, Fault Detection, Oil Level
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[Process Optimization - Predictive Maintenance]
Identify problems before they pose catastrophic threats

Savings of over $100,000 by avoiding unnecessary repairs.

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