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Connection Listing - ZIN Technologies Industrial IoT Case Study
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Bosch security systems offer solutions with pre-installed connections in it, which is tested once before it’s made available for sale. Now when they have sold the solution they had to made sure its working and there is no loss in connectivity. Bosch security due to its nature of business has to keep track of where the said device is installed so they can troubleshoot in case of any issues. Now to keep track of more than 10,000 devices is a hard thing if you do not have any reference against devices. Bosch needed a solution where they can add information against each connection about its specific location and could see at a single glance if it's working or not.

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Bosch Security Systems, Inc. is a leading supplier of equipment for the global electronic protection industry. With worldwide sales in 2006 exceeding $1.7 billion and more than 10,300 employees in 45 countries, the company designs, manufactures and market
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Porthos offered such a solution where customer can add or view information in the form of labels in connection listing. Connection listing lists all connections for the customer account and also for any of the child account connections to which they have access. Connection list display Network ID and connection number for each connection. It also have option that allow customer to add up to 4 different labels against each connection as a reference, as an example information such as city name, street address etc can be added in labels.

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Connectivity Status, Device Status, IP Address, Network ID, Number Of Connected Devices
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[Efficiency Improvement - Issue Response]
It has become easier to track connections and to troubleshoot issues.
[Efficiency Improvement - Operation]
Bosch easily obtain all records for connection list in the form of a custom report as well, where they can prepare report for required columns only.
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