Case Studies > Corporate Identity Solution Adds Convenience to Beckman Coulter

Corporate Identity Solution Adds Convenience to Beckman Coulter

Technology Category
  • Cybersecurity & Privacy - Identity & Authentication Management
Applicable Industries
  • Life Sciences
The Customer
Beckman Coulter
About The Customer
Beckman Coulter, based in Brea, California manufactures innovative products that simplify and automate complex biomedical testing, with more than 10,000 employees worldwide.
The Challenge

Beckman Coulter wanted to implement a single factor solution for physical and remote logical access to corporate network. Bechman Coulter's users were carrying smart card badges for doors, but also needed a one-time password token to access to our corporate network when they were not in the office. They wanted to simplify the process.

The Solution

Beckman Coulter decided on an all-in-one identity solution based on the Gemalto IDPrime .NET smart card. This solution enabled Beckman Coulter's physical security department to combine all the necessary security functions into one convenient form factor meeting both physical and logical security access needs. Gemalto’s identity solution including the IDPrime .NET allowed the company to control access to sensitive areas like product development and innovation zones to only employees with the right level of clearance. Hardware Components - IDPrime .NET

Data Collected
Access Control Status, Data Security, Employee Clearance, Human Resource Data , Security and access
Operational Impact
  • [Data Management - Data Security]
    Controlled access to sensitive areas to only employees with the right level of clearance ensured company's infrastructure security.
  • [Cost Reduction - R&D]
    Ongoing application development and improvements are relatively quick and inexpensive to implement due to the system's flexibility.
  • [Product Improvement - User Acceptance]
    Better user acceptance with less operative training is required.

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