Case Studies Creating Value for EOC1
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Creating Value for EOC1

Creating Value for EOC1 -  Industrial IoT Case Study
Platform as a Service (PaaS) - Device Management Platforms
EOC1 aimed to expand their services and offerings while remaining competitive. However, EOC1 was a service company with little expertise with products, device communications or platform technologies.
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EOC1 creates environments of care for a range of customers including pharmacies and laboratories throughout the Southeast. Their services include environmental quality, control and compliance testing.
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Devicify enabled EOC1 to develop and end to end two-way Salesforce to Device platform. This allowed them to meet customer demand and enhance customer loyalty with new value added services
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[Financial Growth - Revenue]
Allowed the firm to offer new products and services
[Efficiency Improvement - Quality Assurance]
Increases the functionality and usability of the product
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