Vodafone Case Studies Ecolibrium Energy Helps Reduce India's Energy Wastage
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Ecolibrium Energy Helps Reduce India's Energy Wastage

Ecolibrium Energy Helps Reduce India's Energy Wastage - Vodafone Industrial IoT Case Study
Platform as a Service (PaaS) - Connectivity Platforms
Sensors - Utility Meters
Business Operation
Building Energy Management

Ecolibrium’s SmartSense solution connects sensors to energy infrastructure within a factory. It then sends energy consumption data, temperature and environmental data to a central platform. This data can be sent each minute, providing a near real-time view of energy consumption and analytics on where problems occur, what they are and recommendations on how to fix them. To work, each device needs robust connectivity that is simple to manage and consistent in pricing.

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Ecolibrium Energy is a market leader in Energy Management Solutions in India. Its Software-as-a-Service analytics platform, SmartSense, promises to cut energy costs by up to 30%.
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Ecolibrium Energy
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Ecolibrium Energy is working with Vodafone IoT to transition its SmartSense solution to a managed connectivity service. The Vodafone Managed IoT Connectivity Platform allows Ecolibrium Energy to offer customers a central platform from which they can monitor their energy-consuming assets, create their own alerts and reports, and access the data from anywhere. The platform also provides Ecolibrium Energy with the ability to scale internationally.

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Alarms For Automated Applications, Connectivity Status, Energy Consumption Rate, Number Of Connected Devices, Temperature
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[Management Effectiveness - Centralized Management]
Single Vodafone IoT platform from which to manage national network of wireless, energy monitoring devices
[Data Management - Cyber Security]
Ensures secure access for customers regardless of location
[Efficiency Improvement - Deployment]
Enables international expansion

Provides the scale to transition 1,000 devices to new platform by end of 2016

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