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Energy accountability brings LEED Platinum certification

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Energy accountability brings LEED Platinum certification - Schneider Electric Industrial IoT Case Study
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Earth Rangers was looking for partners who could donate equipment and expertise. After earning LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold for New Construction certification, Earth Rangers decided to further demonstrate their commitment to reducing energy use and CO2 emissions by pursuing a LEED Platinum for Existing Buildings certification—the highest level of certification offered under LEED.

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Earth Rangers is a Canadian non-profit organization that promotes the importance of protecting biodiversity and the adoption of more sustainable behavior through community events, online education, and a positive science. Earth Rangers has successfully ap
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Earth Rangers
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Schneider Electric recommended hosted StruxureWare Energy Operation software, an advanced energy management information system that leverages existing real-time monitoring and control systems with: - automated tools to identify, analyze, and report on energy savings and sustainability initiatives - automatic transfer of energy monitoring system data to a public facing display kiosk and corporate website - verified utility billing data and reports providing insight on power sent back to the grid through on-site generation - powerful management tools to validate the effectiveness of their energy savings initiatives and investments, helping document the true return on investment in dollars, kWh and CO2 saved

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Schneider Electric building automation/energy management solutions helped us achieve the goal upgrading our building from LEED Gold to LEED Platinum.

Benefits include 20% year-over-year reduction in energy consumption and greenhouse gas savings of 444.2 tons of CO2.

StruxureWare Energy Operation contributed substantially to Earth Rangers achieving certification to LEED Platinum by helping the organization target multiple credits under LEED Existing Building, namely Energy and Atmosphere Credits 3.2 and 3.3 (system level metering), along with Water Efficiency Credit 1.1 (sub-metering and reporting).

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