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Facility Management Solution in Construction Industry - M2M One Industrial IoT Case Study
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In the construction of Crown Towers in Perth, hundreds of workers enter and exit the construction site each day, totalling into thousands by the completion of the project. All of these workers perform different tasks and come from different agencies, making it difficult for supervisors to track who does what, when, and where on such a large-scale site. An easy-to-use access, security and facility management solution was required.
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The H5Controls team have been building safety and compliance products for over 10 years. They have implemented safety and security products for Fiona Stanley Hospital, Crown Towers Construction, and District Law Courts. H5Controls are changing the way peo
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Safety is key and H5Controls have helped provide this to the Crown Towers construction project by installing safe and secure facility management technology.

The PPLFlow standalone registration kiosk was added to SentryH5 to enhance collection of personnel data and to communicate important site safety information. Access readers were installed for multiple onsite and offsite turnstiles, boom gates, delivery doors, project office locations, and muster points communicating worker’s information in real time to the Sentry H5 interface.

M2M One supplied reliable wireless device connectivity services for the project. Using M2M One SIM cards, H5Controls were able to obtain connection diagnostics, real time status reports, notifications and alerts through M2M One’s M2M Control Centre.

Through the M2M Control Centre, M2M One has assisted H5Controls to access and benefit from the reach and reliability of M2M One’s Network, which is backed by Australia’s largest mobile network.
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