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Fish and Wildlife Monitoring

Fish and Wildlife Monitoring -  Industrial IoT Case Study
Functional Applications - Remote Monitoring & Control Systems
Networks & Connectivity - Cellular
Other - Battery
Sensors - Camera / Video Systems
Sensors - Environmental Sensors
Sensors - Flow Meters
Business Operation
Livestock Monitoring

The possibilities of the Internet of Things are endless and nothing demonstrates this better than one of FW’s most unique projects – a solar-powered camera solution for monitoring fish. Fish researchers worked with FW to integrate a camera system into the customer’s existing equipment installed at the end of a pile dike along the Columbia River. The camera system provides a live video feed of the fish detection array (mounted below the water surface) and surrounding water and weather conditions.

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Fish Researchers
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FW integrated a camera solution into the existing customer-designed equipment enclosure which houses a battery pack, fish counter transceiver, and solar panels. The system includes a fixed camera, cellular modem, and a DC powered PoE device to power the camera. To preserve battery power, a web relay is used to remotely turn the camera on and off.

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Activity Detection, Solar Power, Water Flow Rate, Weather
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Remote equipment monitoring
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