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Food & Beverage
Business Operation

Frucor has experienced rapid growth, and with it increased volumes and complexity of business data. The company has a core SAP (System Applications and Products) system that does an excellent job of collecting and processing company-wide data. As the business continues to expand locally and internationally the company's data warehousing overhead was becoming complex, resulting in some reports taking too long to process.

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Frucor Beverages Ltd is one of Australasia's largest beverage manufacturers and distributors. It is best known for its flagship product, the 'V' energy drink as well as an extensive brand portfolio including fruit juices, waters and soft drink
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Frucor Beverages
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Fujitsu helped Frucor in advanced data analysis, increased speed and depth of reporting. Fujitsu's implementation team worked collaboratively with Frucor to deliver a very successful project over a six-week period.


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[Efficiency Improvement - IT]
Reduced IT workloads due to reduced complexity and simplified architecture.

Faster decision making based on faster processing of data, up to 10x faster than the original data warehouse.

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