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Fully Automated Identification for Alping Italia

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 Fully Automated Identification for Alping Italia - IoT ONE Case Study
Technology Category
  • Functional Applications - Remote Monitoring & Control Systems
  • Networks & Connectivity - RFID
  • Wearables - Tags & Patches
Applicable Functions
  • Process Manufacturing
Use Cases
  • In-process Traceability
The Customer
About The Customer
Alping Italia was set up in 1998. Its core business is the development of bespoke systems in the field of industrial automation. The founders of this innovative company had already been working as consultants for ten years. Alping Italia employs around 30
The Challenge
Full material traceability ensures process reliability in production and it is a major building block for the economic success of manufacturing companies. To optimise production management, automated identification systems with tags which have barcodes printed on them are now increasingly used in production facilities and warehouses. This ensures full control from the receipt of raw materials to the finishing of the products and shipping. The steel industry in particular, is a difficult environment and the labels and tags that ensure full material traceability have to withstand extreme conditions. Raw materials and products have rough surfaces. In addition, the data carriers are exposed to enormous heat and heavy soiling. And last but not least, the whole identification process always has to be carried out under time pressure.
The Solution
For such a challenging environment, GRAPHIPLAST® labels
and tags proved to be the ideal solution. A robot which is controlled by special software welds a pin to the steel using a stud welder, attaching the barcode-printed tag. This is all done within 8-10 seconds which is well-within the time requirement stipulated by Alping Italia.

This fully automated identification system has been especially developed for the requirements of the steel industry. Requirements such as resistance to extreme heat, heavy soiling and the shorter production times in the individual phases of steel manufacture were incorporated into the concept and resolved.

Operational Impact
  • [Efficiency Improvement - Production]
    With the high speed at which the GRAPHIPLAST® tags are applied this solution has provided Alping Italia with a solution that has optimized their manufacturing process without compromising on efficiency.

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