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GreenRoad Technologies - GreenRoad Driver Behavior (Dupré Logistics)

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GreenRoad Technologies - GreenRoad Driver Behavior (Dupré Logistics) - GreenRoad Technologies Industrial IoT Case Study
Functional Applications - Fleet Management Systems (FMS)
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Dupré Logistics needed an effective yet non-intrusive way to improve safety for 800 drivers without reducing driver productivity or increasing net costs. For Dupré Logistics, the level of safety achieved by its drivers is directly tied to the level of profitability achieved by the company.
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Dupré Logistics LLC designs and delivers safe, diversified solutions and services for quality-focused clients committed to increasing their competitive advantage.
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Dupré Logistics
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In order to meet the aforementioned goals, the company implemented their entire fleet using a phased approach. GreenRoad sensors detect 150 high-risk maneuvers in several categories. Each driver receives real-time, in-vehicle feedback.

Dupré’s management accesses web-based reports on each driver’s performance, so driving behaviors can be tracked over time. This in turn allows the company to provide efficient, targeted training as needed.
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[Efficiency Improvement - Labor Safety]
Within a short time of rolling out GreenRoad across its fleet, Dupré Logistics significantly reduced accidents in all categories (rollovers, rear-ends, lane changes, intersections and minor accidents). The company has nearly eliminated risky driving behaviors, thanks to a combination of GreenRoad’s in-vehicle feedback and targeted coaching.
Drivers' performance scores improved 30 percent with their first set of drivers. After which Dupré implemented the GreenRoad system on all of its vehicles.
Dupré Logistics improved fuel efficiency well beyond the .3 miles/gallon mandated by the Board of Directors.
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