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Hess Corporation's Productivity and Operational Efficiency Improvement with mInventory

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 Hess Corporation's Productivity and Operational Efficiency Improvement with mInventory - IoT ONE Case Study
Technology Category
  • Functional Applications - Inventory Management Systems
  • Robots - Wheeled Robots
Applicable Industries
  • Education
  • Telecommunications
Applicable Functions
  • Quality Assurance
  • Warehouse & Inventory Management
Use Cases
  • Inventory Management
  • Picking, Sorting & Positioning
  • Testing & Certification
  • Training
The Customer

Hess Corporation

About The Customer
Hess Corporation is a leading global independent energy company engaged in the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas. The company was seeking a solution to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their supply chain operations, particularly in relation to their onshore warehouses and remote locations. The need for a paperless, user-friendly system that could adapt to changing business needs was paramount. The company also wanted to reduce manual data entry and inaccuracies, and ensure that key warehouse processes could be performed even in the absence of network connectivity.
The Challenge
Hess Corporation, a global energy producer, was in need of a materials management technology that could enhance accuracy and efficiency across their entire supply chain. This included connectivity to onshore warehouses and yards, as well as remote locations such as ships and offshore platforms. The company was keen on transitioning to paperless operations and required a system that was user-friendly and adaptable to minor configuration changes as per business needs.
The Solution
Hess Corporation opted for Innovapptive’s mInventory application to minimize manual data entry and inaccuracies, and to assist remote and offshore locations in performing key warehouse processes, even in the absence of network connectivity. The solution was designed to support the execution of key warehouse processes on mobile devices, including paperless operations and mobile printing capabilities. The mInventory application also provided real-time transaction processing, enhanced data accuracy, and improved mobility and convenience. It allowed Hess to track the total stock available in their warehouse or manufacturing plant, including the type of the stock, thus enabling prioritization of shipments based on demand forecasts and logistical considerations.
Operational Impact
  • The implementation of Innovapptive’s mInventory led to significant improvements in two key areas for Hess Corporation: Productivity and Operational Efficiency. The company was able to effectively eliminate paper-based processes, enhance operational efficiency, and improve user satisfaction. The solution also led to a reduction in change-management costs and reduced back-office reliance. Furthermore, the company saw an overall improvement in process discipline and compliance. The easy navigation processes of the application also led to improvements in employee satisfaction.
Quantitative Benefit
  • Same day goods receipt increased from 75% to 99%
  • Manual data entry was eliminated, freeing staff to perform other value-add functions
  • New employee training time was reduced to less than 1 week, compared to 3+ weeks for same functions in SAP

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