Huawei Case Studies Karamay: Building the Safest City
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Karamay: Building the Safest City

Karamay: Building the Safest City - Huawei Industrial IoT Case Study
Analytics & Modeling - Big Data Analytics
Sensors - Camera / Video Systems
Cities & Municipalities
Business Operation
Smart City Operations
• The non-smart legacy surveillance platform lacks video processing capability, resulting in unclear images and low work efficiency
• The existing information systems are isolated, making it difficult to centrally manage video surveillance products and achieve multi-platform interconnection and collaboration. As a result, intelligent analysis of massive data and effective data mining are impeded.
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• Build the safest city service cloud based on the unified safest city platform
• Interconnect with the Police Geographic Information System (PGIS) to implement a wide assortment of smart services, including preventive maintenance of video, behavior analysis, facial recognition, video summary, quick search, image sharpening, and case investigation analysis
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[Data Management - Data Analysis]
Immensely improved application value of massive data
[Efficiency Improvement - Operation]
Improved prewarning and backtracking capabilities through the smart system and cross-platform collaboration help build an all-round smart application platform for a safest city
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