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Koito - Reality AI: Next-generation Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB) smart headlight

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 Koito - Reality AI: Next-generation Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB) smart headlight - IoT ONE Case Study
Technology Category
  • Analytics & Modeling - Computer Vision Software
  • Analytics & Modeling - Machine Learning
  • Analytics & Modeling - Predictive Analytics
  • Sensors - Autonomous Driving Sensors
Applicable Industries
  • Automotive
Applicable Functions
  • Product Research & Development
Use Cases
  • Autonomous Transportation
The Customer
The Koito Group
About The Customer
The Koito Group is comprised of the parent company (KOITO MANUFACTURING CO., LTD.), 29 subsidiaries and 2 affiliates. Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd (Koito) has been marking a history of leadership in automotive lighting since its establishment in 1915. Tod
The Challenge

The current versions of Adaptive Driving Beams available in Japan and Europe are using traditional machine vision techniques like template matching. Those machine learning techniques perform very well in constrained environments but are prone to many false positive when used in the dynamic, real world, with a lot more variations in targets and backgrounds.

The Solution

Koito and Reality AI are working together on the next generation of ADB headlights using AI to reduce false positive rates and deliver more accurate prediction. Reality AI also makes it possible to incorporate AI prediction on a cheap hardware that meets the price point requirement of the product.

Data Collected

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