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Maverik Motion Picture Productions

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 Maverik Motion Picture Productions - IoT ONE Case Study
Use Cases
  • Remote Collaboration
The Customer
Maverik Motion Picture Productions
About The Customer
A Brighton based broadcast film and video production company who script, shoot and edit promotional videos for a wide range of clients. 
The Challenge

When we first met the team at Maverik Motion Picture Productions, it consisted of 5 full time members of staf. As with many businesses, they were working from a central ofce and sharing one handset between them. As the company grew, this started to become problematic and due to the nature of the business, each member of the team was spending a lot of time on site with clients. This created a real need for each team member to be able to work remotely, using their mobile phones. The businesses central ofce was being rented, which meant the idea of a permanent solution would not be suitable, as they may need to expand or move in the near future.

The Solution

We provided Maverik motion pictures with a VoIP solution which provided a number of useful features to improve their businesses communications.

Firstly, each team member was issued a new VoIP handset which can be taken anywhere in the world and providing there is an internet connection, it will act as their work phone. Any calls made and received, irrelevant of location will use the company phone number, rather than a personal mobile number. This means when staff are all on site with their respective clients, an incoming call to the company number can now be directed to a series of these diferent extensions automatically, until someone is available to answer the call. Calls can also be easily transferred amongst staff as if they were in the same office.

The system was programmed and tailored to their individual needs, so it would route to diferent extensions and phones at diferent times of the day and this could be emended easily via an online dashboard.

Data Collected
Communication Performance, Customer Satisfaction Score, Number Of Connected Devices
Operational Impact
  • [Efficiency Improvement - Communication]
    Because the system is tailored to individual needs and specifications, the team's business communication automatically increased. 

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