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Mobile – Based Solution To Integrate Disparate IoT Devices

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 Mobile – Based Solution To Integrate Disparate IoT Devices - IoT ONE Case Study
Technology Category
  • Functional Applications - Remote Monitoring & Control Systems
  • Sensors - Chemical Sensors
  • Sensors - Flow Meters
  • Sensors - Level Sensors
Applicable Industries
  • Chemicals
Applicable Functions
  • Business Operation
Use Cases
  • Water Utility Management
About The Customer
A leading manufacturer of innovative water chemistry controllers based in the US.
The Challenge

The quality of water is assessed against several parameters (around16+) using numerous sensors placed at the respective locations. The information generated by the sensors is in a form incomprehensible to humans (in bits and bytes). The staff that monitor water quality had to visit the location physically to check the parameters. This consumed a lot of time. One person is responsible for monitoring water quality at multiple locations. Most of the times, all the parameters will be within their thresholds. Only when the parameters go out of thresholds, the responsible person need to act upon it. So, ideally, an application should monitor water parameters at fixed intervals and give appropriate alarms to the responsible person, only when some parameters need attention. There were multiple types of instruments and different versions of the same type of instrument placed at several locations to check the quality of water. All these devices generated a huge quantity of data. The customer required an application that integrated all their IoT devices and provided reports, analytics and insights from a central depository.

The Solution

A mobile application available on both iOS and Android platforms as well as usable in Tabs. Solution implemented in native protocol that offers a reliable, standard and error-free delivery of communication. Implemented an individual alerts feature that will notify users on any quality variations in water. The notification will be given through their mobile app, which is connected to the IoT device configured at the water body’s location. Takes into account all the globally accepted units of measurement (SI Units and Imperial Units), while gauging the quality of water.

Data Collected
Health Parameters, Process Parameters, Water Meter Readings, Water Quality
Operational Impact
  • [Process Optimization - Real Time Alerts]
    User gets up-to-date report & instant alerts on the quality of water through the reporting module.
Quantitative Benefit
  • 100% field staff currently supported by mobile application

  • 20 hours effort savings with data and process automation

  • 100% scalable mobile solution that adapts to new IoT devices and sensors

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