Case Studies Modernizing a Legacy Energy Grid
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Modernizing a Legacy Energy Grid

Modernizing a Legacy Energy Grid -  Industrial IoT Case Study
Platform as a Service (PaaS) - Data Management Platforms

For AusNet, this represented a tremendous challenge to replace 700,000 legacy meters across a diverse geographical environment creating additional network communications coverage complexity. The Victorian state government also required that the new meters would need to maintain high-performance levels for 15 years. To demonstrate compliance and smart grid uptime, AusNet would need to consistently produce accurate meter performance data on a daily basis for 20 market retailers. This required integrating and analyzing massive volumes of smart grid data in real-time.

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AusNet Network Services, Victoria, Australia's largest diversified energy infrastructure company.
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AusNet Network Services
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Following DB Results’ advice, AusNet trusted Bit Stew’s technology to centralize data integration on a single, holistic platform that significantly enhanced data visualization and empowered more efficient demand response. By leveraging the machine learning, artificial intelligence and semantic data modeling of Bit Stew’s MIx product portfolio, AusNet was able to provide a reliable, accurate single source of truth to retailers and regulators.

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[Data Management - Real Time Data]
Bit Stew’s MIx technology helps ensure network and meter uptime by providing a single pane of glass for ICT teams and operators to be able to see asset status in real-time.
[Efficiency Improvement - Energy]
The Power of Choice program takes information from the mesh network and the meter heads and presents it to consumers in a dashboard to make better decisions regarding personal energy performance and consumption.

MIx Director Suite saved internal resources for operators to drive hundreds of miles to look into this.

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