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Mondi Implements Statistics-Based Health Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance

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Analytics & Modeling - Predictive Analytics
Automation & Control - Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
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Predictive Maintenance

The extrusion and other machines at Mondi’s plant are large and complex, measuring up to 50 meters long and 15 meters high. Each machine is controlled by up to five programmable logic controllers (PLCs), which log temperature, pressure, velocity, and other performance parameters from the machine’s sensors. Each machine records 300–400 parameter values every minute, generating 7 gigabytes of data daily.

Mondi faced several challenges in using this data for predictive maintenance. First, the plant personnel had limited experience with statistical analysis and machine learning. They needed to evaluate a variety of machine learning approaches to identify which produced the most accurate results for their data. They also needed to develop an application that presented the results clearly and immediately to machine operators. Lastly, they needed to package this application for continuous use in a production environment.

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Mondi Grona is a leading international manufacturer of packaging and paper products. The company’s plastic production plant delivers about 18 million tons of plastic and thin film products annually. The plant’s 900 workers operate approximatel
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Mondi Grona
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Use MATLAB to develop and deploy monitoring and predictive maintenance software that uses machine learning algorithms to predict machine failures

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Machine Performance
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More than 50,000 euros saved per year.

Predictive maintenance prototype completed in 6 months. 

Production software runs 24/7.

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